Transcend the Patterns of Possessiveness & Jealousy

Recently I’ve been working with a female client on her possessiveness and jealousy patterns for 2 months. She is a very attractive, bubbly young lady with a beautiful heart. She came to me after attending one Friday yoga class with me and asked if I could help her on some of her issues. She shared that she had been experiencing a lot of frustration, constant tiredness, at times desperation from a shrinking feeling with her life, literally so much of her energy was being sapped away by these two patterns!

Firstly, we started to dig into her past incidents which contributed to the development of incompletions with relationships and a constant need for attention and approval of others inside her. She was able to identify a list of incidents from her past clearly and started to complete with them.

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Say ‘YES’ to Life

When we don’t have the right understanding about life, we resist life in many perverted ways.

Before I started my seeking, my understanding about life mainly came from my past experiences, my limited cognitions as well as the social conditioning by family and society. I was not so fortunate enough to have a proper guidance from a higher consciousness in my early age, so life felt like a dread for me by the time I grew up. The first thing that life made me experience was intense fear and violence that created tensions and shrinkage in my otherwise expanded space which I came down with. Next, I felt that life was filled with sadness, poverty, pain and suffering, jealousy, guilt, sickness and death. By and by, life became a struggle – to study, to make a comfortable living, to be happy, to look good, to please others, to fit in, to get married, to start a family,….no wonder life felt like a load. With all the ignorance and patterns of incompletion, I was constantly saying “NO” to life over the years. I was living aimlessly, being pushed and pulled by the fears and greed. Deep down, I didn’t feel I belonged here, I just wanted to go ‘HOME’, a space of joy and peace. I could see a default future I was heading – a life of suffering and diseases.

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Renunciation is Freedom!

Recently, a couple of students who came to me and expressed that they were not able to get out of their lower state of emotions such as insecurity and anxiety. They are stuck in the identities they had built up from the past conditioning. When I was planning for the concluding lesson of the current yoga module, the subject of discrimination and renunciation came out as a final reminder in our spiritual practice to attain the true end of Samadhi (being consciousness). Since then the topic “Renunciation” had been ringing in my inner space, somehow I was guided to check out the Akashic records on this subject by Kalabhairava (Lord of Time & Space), channelled by Paramaahamsa Nithyananda.

The reading gave me so much clarity and solutions to help people who are holding on to their disillusioned identities.

Here is the exact Akashic Reading:

“Renunciation is nothing but the rejuvenation of the self continuously by dropping the different identities you create for a certain purpose but unfortunately associate with it feel one with it. Renunciation is of different levels.

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