About Ma Durga (Teo Siew Yong)

Ma Durga (Siew Yong) is the founder of Your Presence Heals TM – her unique
expression and contribution to humanity and the collective consciousness by healing different beings who seek her guidance. Through her personalised programs, workshops and yoga classes,
she takes her students/clients on experiential journey through the embodiment of their
existence and helps them to discover health and the right understanding about life.

She is a certified yoga teacher from sVyasa, Indian Yoga Institute. She also incorporates the body work from Body-Mind Centering (BMC) developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen using human developmental patterns as well as Vedic knowledge in her classes.

She is also a founding member of Hong Kong based entity – Space of Purity & Awareness incorporated since 2017 which aims to share the applied science of the trinity of Existence – Yoga, Sounds and Light. In July 2019, she started training a new breed of conscious kids yoga teachers in a program called Mothers Love Kids Yoga Teachers Training.

She is also a certified counsellor and an ordained Nithya Spiritual Healer.