One year on after the global lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic, you may wonder is the worst over?

Unfortunately – NO! It looks like the worst has yet to come till the end of 2021!

In the past 2 months, I had the fortune of listening to the Akashic Readings of Devi Parashakti (Cosmic Feminine Energy) channelled through the form of my Guru, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism, His Divine Holiness Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji). Through this Nijavatar (living incarnation) of Swamiji, Devi Parashakti revealed many sacred secrets about the current pralaya (deluge) and how we can protect ourselves to ride through this difficult time.

For those of you who are not following Swamiji on any social media, let me give you the key essence of the message from the Akashic Reading given by Devi Parashakti.

Now, listen with an open mind.

  • Third wave of deadly infection Corona is approaching in Purattasi month (August – September 2021). All over the world, spiritual practice, work and activities of Kailasa, should be done only by keeping the protection of your life as first priority. All of you protecting your life wherever you are, having the first purpose of being alive this year, align your activities accordingly. Protection is the first priority. Live by giving first priority to protection. Madhukari Biksha and Ratha Yathra can be done next year. Save your life this year. Being alive is the first job. Being alive is the first job. Being alive is the first job for all of you this year. Listen to it completely, and live.
  • Only the places where the multi-layered quarantine is possible, people can be safe this year. There is no other place safe in the world, other than the Kailasas which provide multi-layered quarantine. Kailasas also should be extremely careful and provide the multi-layered quarantine. Understand, the Corona and the ripple effects of Corona, multiple other diseases which are affecting the world, multiple other variants and viruses are going to affect the world, because human beings have lost the immunity and rulers have lost sensitivity, they are okay to see multitudes of human beings die. Understand, due to the multiple reasons which I can reveal, and which I cannot reveal, the Corona and its ripple effects, after-effects are going to be unimaginable on human beings. So, all the human beings who want to save yourself, either move to the nearest Kailasa which is providing multi-layered quarantine facility or create multi-layered quarantine facility in where you are, protect yourself this year. Focus only on being alive. Being alive is the greatest profit for all human beings this year.
  • Till the pralaya is over, do not do any expansion of business. This year, being alive is the profit. Protect your life is the first priority, do not expand this year. Wait, keep yourself alive, that is the first priority. Quarantine yourself multi-layered, wherever possible, at home or Adi Kailasa.

 The message is clear – protect your life and stay alive. The first step we can do is to strengthen the lungs and immunity system because Corona virus attacks first the respiratory system and immunity.

Devi Parashakti gave solutions for all the disciples and devotees of Swamiji on 19th May.

  • For devotees and disciples, giving truth, happiness, goodness, fortune and life to you all, I am telling the truth, I will destroy difficulties. Thinking Paramashiva of heart, make your heart as a cotton. Destroying the black fungus that does poison, I am protecting that Corona deadly infection does not enter your lungs. Keeping Omkara in Third Eye, do Trinetra Kumbakha. Keeping Atmalinga (energized spatika linga) inside your palm, joining both your hands, everyday permanently do Omkara meditation. Chant Omkara as ajapajapa.

 To help more people to learn this technique, I recorded a video as a guided meditation and shared it with the world. (Click the link to learn the technique So far, I have received positive feedback from many devotees who had reported tremendous healings and amazing experiences.

Next, with full confidence we would like to inspire as many yoga practitioners and health-conscious people to try this practice. Kailasa Singapore launched a social media campaign called ‘Stay Alive Stay Safe Yoga Challenge’ on 10th Jun in celebration of International Yoga Day. The complete daily practice of Nithyananda yoga and Trinetra Kumbhaka can strengthen one’s body immunity and lungs which acts as a great protection during the current pandemic. You will experience the power of Yoga and Pranayama – the ancient Vedic solutions in building a healthy yogic body and awakening prana sharira (pranic body) – the energy source which sustains us throughout the day.

Swamiji once said “Nithyananda Yoga is not about adding more movements to your life. It is about adding more life to your movements”. He also revealed that the most powerful Kumbhaka is the Trinetra Kumbhaka (breathing technique). This Kumbhakar not only awakens Kundalini Shakti (inner potential energy) to the Comic unition with Paramashiva (Source), but it also rebuilds your body, burns all the bad muscle memory and bio memory and does everything best. If you reach 108 cycles of Trinetra Kumbhaka, your whole Prana Sharira will be aligned to the full Kundalini energy.

Here are the steps to join this Yoga challenge:

  • Fill in the registration form, and join a private Facebook group
  • Do the daily practice of Nithyananda Yoga Prathama Vinyasa Krama ( ) and Trinetra Kumbhaka as a complete practice for 21 days.
  • Start with 21 rounds of Trinetra Kumbhaka on the 1st week, in the 2nd week you increase to 54 rounds and by the 3rd week, you increase to 108 rounds.
  • Take a photo of your practice and share your experience on the private Facebook group as well as your personal Facebook page daily
  • Add the following Hashtags #StayAliveStaySafe, #NithyanandaYoga, #TrinetraKumbhaka

I have been doing this practice for the last 11 days, not only I feel healthier but also the extraordinary spiritual experiences and expansion are beyond words. I only have one advice to all – it will be a big missing if you do not take responsibility to protect yourself and stay alive in 2021.  Namaste 😀