When we don’t have the right understanding about life, we resist life in many perverted ways.

Before I started my seeking, my understanding about life mainly came from my past experiences, my limited cognitions as well as the social conditioning by family and society. I was not so fortunate enough to have a proper guidance from a higher consciousness in my early age, so life felt like a dread for me by the time I grew up. The first thing that life made me experience was intense fear and violence that created tensions and shrinkage in my otherwise expanded space which I came down with. Next, I felt that life was filled with sadness, poverty, pain and suffering, jealousy, guilt, sickness and death. By and by, life became a struggle – to study, to make a comfortable living, to be happy, to look good, to please others, to fit in, to get married, to start a family,….no wonder life felt like a load. With all the ignorance and patterns of incompletion, I was constantly saying “NO” to life over the years. I was living aimlessly, being pushed and pulled by the fears and greed. Deep down, I didn’t feel I belonged here, I just wanted to go ‘HOME’, a space of joy and peace. I could see a default future I was heading – a life of suffering and diseases.

It was only after I was given the right context about life from Vedic psychology and truth that I discovered that life is a huge possibility. Life sees every human being as a huge possibility, not as a sinner. Life is not sadistic and meaningless as I cognised it to be. Life is nothing but continuous expansion and growth. The innate quality of life is expansion, actually we do not need to have any fear including fear of death. All our fears are illusory as the innate quality of life itself is only expansion. Every experience only adds to our existence and expansion.

When we fail to understand the innate quality of life, we see only the impossibility and we say ‘NO’ to life. Resistance to this expansive flow of life is moving towards death. Death happens when life is in lowest frequency in our body. One litmus test you can do is each night before sleep, you sit with yourself and look in and see from your thoughts, words and deeds if you are expanding or shrinking in your life. This will give you a big revelation about your thought current whether you are moving towards life or death.

Another amazing truth that I realised was that – as human beings, we are blessed to enjoy the best things both in the outer world and inner world. According to Vedas (true knowledge), we are blessed with the 4 things in life: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

  • Living with Dharma gives us the understanding of living a life through righteous means, constantly enriching others in raising the collective consciousness.
  • Living with Artha teaches us to earn a living for ourselves through righteous means, contributing our creativity and energy to life.
  • Living with Kama means we fulfil our desires through righteous means so that we can exhaust the desires and go beyond the desires.
  • Experiencing Moksha means having liberation from all bondages that exist for us as human beings from all accumulated karmas and living a pure life in auspiciousness and enlightenment. When one lives the pure Cosmic life of joy and life, he or she becomes the pure source of life, he/she will have no death, only expansion. Expansion without any end is life.

From my personal experience, in order to experience these best things in life and my infinite possibilities, life gives me the free will to choose – to say ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to life itself. My past resistance towards life came from my deep ignorance and inauthenticity. Inauthenticity is this unwillingness to stretch to my peak capacity due to my fears of Unknown and ideas of impossibility.

With the guidance of a living master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, who constantly gives me inspirations and true knowledge, I am seeing myself developing this courage to say ‘YES’ more and more! Courage comes only after I have clarity about life. To live a pure life, all we need is to understand the technique or the path or the flow of expansion. This path of expansion requires us to be established in Authenticity.

The teaching from KatoUpanishad (a sacred text) sums up authenticity aptly:

“Both Shreya (the good) and preya (pleasant) approach man; the dhira (wise man), examining the two, discriminates between them. The wise man verily prefers Shreya; but the foolish man chooses preya through the love of gain and attachment. These two having different ends, he who chooses the pleasant over the good misses the true end. That which is good may not be always pleasant and that which is pleasant may not be always good for us.”

Expansion in life means continuously stretching ourselves to the peak capacity and establishing our self in authenticity with a conscious identity. Every moment life presents the choice of authenticity and inauthenticity to us. It is our responsibility to choose authenticity, choose the good even if it appears unpleasant because he who chooses the pleasant over the good misses the true end. Say ‘YES’ to life is choosing the good instead of the pleasant. Namaste. 😀