Science of Energy Healing


As an ordained Nithya Spiritual Healer, quite often I’ve been asked the science of energy healing and the difference between pranic healing and spiritual healing. This article is intended to offer clarity.

All emotions, both good and bad, are nothing but the effect of the engraved memories (samskaras) which we have accumulated in the past. When you are carrying too many negative samskaras, naturally the energy flow in the body will not be smooth. In particular, samskaras block the energy centers (chakras) causing physical and mental disturbances. Most of our diseases are psychosomatic. They have their roots in the mind. What we see is just the effect and so we never really understand this mind-body connection. When a particular chakra gets blocked, the part of the body near that chakra gets affected. Kirlian photography has recorded the effect of emotions on the chakras. Each of our major chakras is related to some primary emotion in us. All our emotions are just different facets of our seven primary emotions. The same basic emotion plays as anger and fear, the same emotion plays as desire and guilt. If we can understand these seven emotions, we can handle the whole spectrum of emotions that happens in us.

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Liberated Thinking vs. Liberal Thinking

In this modern age, men are always disturbed and we live with 3 levels of tensions whether it is in the physical, emotional or mental plane. As a result, we are quarrelsome, lazy, misguided and unlucky, which is the reason why we live very short lives. Unfortunately, in this age everything is mismanaged by the profit-driven media and consumeristic corporations and unconscious leaders. Human beings are so conditioned with a worker’s mentality, we forget the aim of life because we are in ignorance living in darkness. As a result, we are slow in understanding spiritual life.  Human life is meant for understanding spiritual values but we have forgotten life’s real purpose. We do not know anything about living in bliss which is our true nature and the kingdom of God. We know nothing about how to get there or how to become happy. We have forgotten all this.

Instead we are taught by the so-called liberal thinkers the notion of liberal thinking i.e. thinking based on the instincts, impulses or pleasures. But we forget that liberalism is one more jail which we are made to believe our jail is our home. It is pure hypocrisy and foolishness!

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Universe Changes When You Participate

For the last few days, I became aware of a subtle pain pattern of self-denial, a feeling of being stretched by a rapid expansion in my life and a certain resistance to change and not being able to balance my life. This happens only after the first layer of pain patterns were completed. Life is revealing to me the more deep-rooted pain patterns which are hidden nicely inside and impeding my spiritual growth.

The clicks finally came to my cognition after seeking the Divine’s help to reveal the deeper truth of which I was stuck. So I decided to share with the world the deeper secrets of Universe in this article.

The first truth is – Universe is not independent of our participation. Universe happens as we experience because we participate in a particular way. When our participation changes, when the mood of our participation changes, when the attitude of our participation changes, the universe changes as well. All the different minds in the world experience the universe in different ways, so it does not have a definite existence. Even though Universe does not have a definite existence, but it creates the impact of existence on us, this is the reason why the universe is named as Maya (illusion).

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