For the last few days, I became aware of a subtle pain pattern of self-denial, a feeling of being stretched by a rapid expansion in my life and a certain resistance to change and not being able to balance my life. This happens only after the first layer of pain patterns were completed. Life is revealing to me the more deep-rooted pain patterns which are hidden nicely inside and impeding my spiritual growth.

The clicks finally came to my cognition after seeking the Divine’s help to reveal the deeper truth of which I was stuck. So I decided to share with the world the deeper secrets of Universe in this article.

The first truth is – Universe is not independent of our participation. Universe happens as we experience because we participate in a particular way. When our participation changes, when the mood of our participation changes, when the attitude of our participation changes, the universe changes as well. All the different minds in the world experience the universe in different ways, so it does not have a definite existence. Even though Universe does not have a definite existence, but it creates the impact of existence on us, this is the reason why the universe is named as Maya (illusion).

Through our 5 senses we experience the universe happening around us. The way we look, perceive, our Gestalt, that is responsible for the universe we experience. Our participation is responsible for the universe we experience. However, our foolish logic is not able to grasp the bigness of Universe, we constantly question and judge.

The second truth is – Life handles us with tremendous sensitivity, compassion and extraordinary inspiration to see that we are fulfilled. Life is Guru, he constantly teaches us by aligning us to him. Life is like a breeze. If we are in tune with it, it will gently flow through us and bring so much freshness into our lives. However, if we are fighting with it, running against it, even the small dust the breeze carries can get into the eyes and make us blind. When we change in our participation, 3 things happen to us:-

  • We will not accumulate or create unnecessary suffering.
  • We will not accumulate or create unnecessary confusion.
  • We will not accumulate or create unnecessary engrams which can bring suffering or confusion in the future

Now I realised the pain pattern was my resistance towards the flow of life. I just need to consciously decide to drop and complete with this silly pattern.

The third truth is – The right participation in life means remembering the whole universe is constantly fulfilling itself through us. Universe is waiting to fulfil itself through us. He rejoices whenever we are fulfilled. He celebrates our fulfilment. Cosmos constantly celebrates through our existence. I can say this is the biggest click because I had declared in my swa-annyakara (life image) as I see life as a divine play, a canvas to express my immense creativity. It is my pattern that is causing the conflict!

The final truth is – The only job a Master does is changing our participation, Gestalt. Changing our approach and the way we participate in life is called initiation by a Master. A living Master changes the way we perceive through initiation by giving us the larger picture of the whole and our perception of Existence. Initiations can come in various forms like the right words, energy transmission, a particular lifestyle or even just by his look. No doubt! When I look back, my entire approach to life changes after initiation from my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

In essence, the way you participate in the universe changes the way you live and experience the universe. You have the freedom to participate in the universe as you want. If you are experiencing suffering, pain and non-fulfilment in life, it means you are not participating in the right way. Look in and complete with your pain patterns. Namaste 😀


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