Transform Fantasies and Lust Perversions

Muladhara, root chakra

This topic came up in my morning meditation 2 days ago, it was sitting in my Ananda Gandha (sacred inner space) and it stirred up a strong emotion within me that it needed to find an expression. So I’ve decided to write about this controversial topic – fantasies  and lust perversions.

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Marriage with Hostility

Have you ever felt that there are times when your life is filled with hostilities?

Hostility means when we are constantly threatened from life situations which make feel us suffocated. Hostilities can come from our parents, in-laws, siblings, spouse, children, organizations or communities.

In my life, I grew up with a hot-tempered and violent mother and constantly I lived in fear and low self esteem during my growing-up years. Many times I used to wonder – why did I take birth through her, someone who was so filled with anger and violence?

It was only after listening to one particular discourse which was delivered by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, my spiritual guru that gave me a big click and it changed the way I respond to hostility.

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Integrity Begins with Our Words

I just returned from a 21-day spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening (IA) on a cruise with my revered enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  This was my 2nd IA which I had attended; the first was in June 2009 after I left my corporate life. I could say this IA was very special for me personally because this body was being used to initiate the world into a new consciousness during December 2012 Cosmic Transition. The theme for this IA was about grooming of gurus as he shared that “This IA is no longer about creating disciples, now it is time to groom gurus so that more bodies can share the responsibility of bringing the science of enlightenment to planet earth”.  So you can imagine the level of intensity, the drilling of sacred truths into our core – the bone marrow level.

The first few days were spent on performing introspection and self diagnosis on areas where leakages were happening in our inner space. He said that it is useless for him to keep pouring energy if the vessels are leaking. The first leakage that hit home was – lack of integrity.

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