Muladhara, root chakra

This topic came up in my morning meditation 2 days ago, it was sitting in my Ananda Gandha (sacred inner space) and it stirred up a strong emotion within me that it needed to find an expression. So I’ve decided to write about this controversial topic – fantasies  and lust perversions.

The whole humanity is plagued with too much lust, sexual fantasies and perversions. Each day we read from different media about different perversions, for example, a school principal was charged with sex with an under-aged girl, a religious figure like pastor was found to commit molestation of young boys, a female teacher was charged with having sexual relationship with her teenager student, a man caught by installing videos camera in female toilets, many retired Singaporean men who spend their retirement funds on prostitutes in Batam. Then the most recent atrocious rape-murder case of a medical student on a moving bus by 6 men in New Delhi which rocked the whole world, she died of severe head injuries and internal bleeding.  The list goes on every day. In the Singapore local main dailies (The Straits Times dated 7 Feb 2013), it was reported that a worrying trend of steady increase (34%) in molestation crime as compared to 2011. All these are symptomatic of the proliferation of pornography over internet space, online games, mobile devices, music videos and movies which have contributed to a huge population of people living in fantasy which make them violent and dull. This is the worst problem not only the modern youth are suffering now but also men in old age are caught in, which contributes to an steady increase in violence in body, at home and in country.

It is very unfortunate that as a civilization, we don’t understand the ill effects of pornography addiction in our life and consciousness. Pornography takes away the real lust, real love and real romance in life. The promoters of pornography make you think pornography improves your love life, the truth is – it only adds fantasy and makes you dull, depressed and filled with guilt! With a restless mind, the passion of lust and fantasy get converted into violence and perversions of all kinds. When the corruption by pornography enters in one’s inner space, even if he is on a wheelchair, his mind cannot keep quiet. Quite often the innocent children and women become the main victims of such violent perversions which can cause tremendous physical and psychological damage in their entire life. The strong emotion I felt this morning was the state of unconscious behaviors in the world and how can I take the responsibility in making steps to change the collective negativity?!

I discovered that the Vedic Tradition not only provides the depth of understanding of the damage of consciousness by fantasies but also solutions for transcendence of the lust energy. As a  mother and spiritual teacher, the first step I can do is to create a higher awareness by educating people about the damage at consciousness level and the social ills created by pornography addiction and the solutions from Vedic knowledge of transcendence.  Through greater awareness, certainly more people will be able to recognise the problem and come forward to seek help in a form of spiritual counselling and processes to remove the root mental pattern of living in fantasy.

Here are the sacred knowledge and the preferred lifestyle which ancient enlightened masters, sages and mystics had recommended for humanity. I give my deep gratitude to my spiritual guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda who shared the deeper insights on this topic to the world which enabled me to cognise the impact on our future generation.

  • The Root Center – To understand the lust energy, we need to know the 7 energy centers and the root center (Muladhara chakra). The 7 energy centers are responsible for 7 thought currents of our being, the way we think, the pain, diseases, joy, understanding of the world, self and God. Each energy center is the center for a specific thought current. In particular, the root center relates to the thought current of desires such as greed and lust. It is blocked when we live in fantasy instead of reality. Basically, we have 2 kinds of reality happening in our life at any given time – the outer reality and the inner reality. Whenever there is a mismatch in our inner and outer reality, we are living life in fantasy and the energy in our root chakra gets blocked. This eventually results in diseases or perversions.  With the advancement of virtual technologies, more and more wild fantasies are being created through different electronic media and imprinted into our consciousness. Children and teenagers nowadays are exposed to corruption at the consciousness level at a very young age. When parents are not aware of the dangers, the children start to develop the pattern of fantasies and violence which detach them from living in reality. They stop relating with people in the outer reality.  The moment they live in fantasy, it is very difficult to understand reality, because their body-mind leaves the natural realms and destroys the realities of life. They will never respect the real spouse in their life, the desire will not have fulfillment. Life becomes a living hell because neither they will be happy with one man or woman nor consulting a psychiatrist for advice can help them.  According to Vedic culture, the lust energy is a natural part of human being which came from the animal bodies we took in our previous births.  The pure lust energy we carry is in our body; if we live it, we will exhaust it and go beyond it. Neither suppression of the energy of lust nor fueling the lust desire is the solution because this energy takes revenge on the person and manifests itself in different forms of perversions.  There are certain yogic techniques which can help one to transcend the lust energy to higher pure energy of love.
  • From lust to universal love –  The whole path of yoga is the process of discovering love with oneself to ultimately experiencing the universal love for others and God.  Love begins, however, with oneself.  One should love and nourish each part of one’s being:- the physical, vital, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual. The whole self-discovery brings about an alchemy process of transforming from lust to universal love. The fundamental key is – discrimination needs to be used as to how one nourishes each part. In the tradition of yoga, the role of an enlightened master or a Satguru is very important because the right master will be able to prescribe the right techniques for individuals to work on its own transformation to self realisation.
  • Four Life Stages – According to Vedic philosophy, the human life span is divided into four stages known as ‘ashrams’. The word ashram means shelter implying that the person takes shelter successively in each of the four stages during his life’s journey. These life-stages are Brahmacharya (the student phase of life), Grahasta (householder), Vanaprastha (departure from material possessions) and Sanyasa (renunciation). The Vedas define a specific purpose for each life-stage and offer specific instructions to be followed accordingly. The overall evolution from different life stages facilitates the merging of the Jivatma (individual soul) with the Paramatma (universal soul or God), which is the purpose of life. In Brahmacharya, the student is supposed to immerse himself or herself in learning the craft or trade in preparation for later life. During this period he/she is supposed to live a celibate life because sexual activities were thought to have an adverse effect on the learning process. In Grahasta, this is the stage of family life including raising a family and earning a living through the skills acquired from the student life. It encourages the enjoyment of a material life, including sexual pleasures with one’s spouse. In Vanaprastha, this life stage indicates the departure from material possessions. The person still lives with the family in society but in a withdrawn manner. The man no longer takes part in the commercial activities and the woman leaves the running of the household to her other younger family members. People in this life stage play the role of mentors and the social activities become religious in nature. Celibacy is again advocated. The process of detachment from possessions, desires, lust and relations begins in this stage. The final stage is Sanyasa or renunciation. The person leaves society to spend the remaining part of his or her life in meditation and the contemplation of God in solitude. This approach helps one to transition the different life stages beautifully without any hangover of the lust energy.

Oh children and youth of our next generation, please wake up! The mind-jumping when your body can’t jump will lead you to mental illness in old age. It takes away your joy of real passion in life. This is the straight truth! Parents, you have the responsibility to help and guide your child/children to live in reality instead of fantasies.  Life is supposed to be lived with joy and inspirations! It is time to get back to living in reality! When we become integrated with both our inner and outer reality, our root center will be alive and expanding, we become a great source of inspirations for ourselves and others. We are no longer a matter, but a divine energy which has the ability to manifest outer reality guided by our inner reality!  Namaste 🙂


  1. Hello,

    I’m curious about the Grahasta stage: Is it necessary for an individual to go through this stage or does it happen by fate? For instance, could a person undergo vanaprastha after the student phase?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Joanne
      Thanks for your question. Basically, it depends on the soul’s purpose. A student can move straight into Sannyasa (being a monk) if he/she is clear that serving Cosmos is the life purpose. This is the royal path. One doesn’t have to go through the stages of Grihasta and Vanaprastha. Usually Grihasta and Vanapratha go hand-in-hand.
      So to answer your question, you can move from brahmacharya to sannyasa if you are clear that householder’s life is not what you want.