My next big jump is to train teachers

About one year ago, I received a divine guidance from my Guru (fondly known as Swamiji) to start a Kids Yoga Teachers Training program. Last year, I underwent a tumultuous phase in my personal life, honestly, at the time I was unable to see the big picture and the immense possibilities that were waiting to unfold in me. Naturally, my first reaction was filled with many thought currents of self-doubt. ‘Why did Swamiji ask me to create a Kids Yoga Teachers Training? Who would want to attend another kids’ yoga teachers training program conducted by a teacher who is not even famous?! How to give certification when I don’t really believe in the existing certification bodies? What would be the scope of the training content?’

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Power of consciousness over matter

Do you know that you can move or bend an object just by your consciousness?

When we don’t understand the science behind it, we think it is a miracle or magic. Actually, in Vedic tradition, the power (Shakti) of consciousness over matter is the basis of all yogic powers because it is consciousness (strategic existence) that moves matter and dynamic activity! When you manifest the power of consciousness over matter, you are not only able to move objects like coconuts and metal spoons, but you are also able to move other things in the Universe like people’s mind, mountains, even planets with a flick of your wrist!

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Life has no failures only lessons

I wrapped up the year of 2018 feeling so relieved and grateful for having completed a year of tumultuous ride and drastic change in many aspects of my life. There were certain things which I had put off for a while, they were getting fulfilled as the timing was right and my inner space was ready. I’ve also experienced that there are no failures in life, there are only life lessons to be learned designed to make us wiser, stronger and more resilient. Just like a diamond getting polished to its sparkling radiance, I felt that I was getting polished by the Cosmos last year.

So, what were my lessons last year?

1. Have courage to go through the tests in life
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