About one year ago, I received a divine guidance from my Guru (fondly known as Swamiji) to start a Kids Yoga Teachers Training program. Last year, I underwent a tumultuous phase in my personal life, honestly, at the time I was unable to see the big picture and the immense possibilities that were waiting to unfold in me. Naturally, my first reaction was filled with many thought currents of self-doubt. ‘Why did Swamiji ask me to create a Kids Yoga Teachers Training? Who would want to attend another kids’ yoga teachers training program conducted by a teacher who is not even famous?! How to give certification when I don’t really believe in the existing certification bodies? What would be the scope of the training content?’

As this project came as a Guruvak (words from Guru), it meant he had already sent me the energy and intelligence for me to manifest it as a reality. I just have to start putting time, effort, energy and life into it for the puzzles to unfold with a deep surrender and trust. Every day the moment I sit in silence with passivity and receptivity, sometimes I receive inspirations and guidance about this project. The more I sit with myself, the more I become inspired and excited about this training program. The clarity started to dawn in me about the purpose of this program in the contribution of collective consciousness.

The first inspiration I was shown which brought a big smile in my eyes was this Kids Yoga Teacher Training program comes from the divine feminine consciousness. It means this program is established from the enlightened consciousness of love, patience, acceptance, play and creativity. How to create a sacred playground for kids to explore their body, nature and consciousness through science of Yoga? How can parents and teachers be inspired to bring kids back to their powerful space? How to create a set of teaching tools for childcare centres, schools and home-schooling parents to engage with their child/children?

The second click was the context and the space of this training program played the most important factors. It is not about teaching the physical perfection or movements of yoga postures to kids, rather it is about imparting the experience of Yoga from the enlightened consciousness because kids already reside in the pure space of a child. The way to engage them through space is the key differentiating factor in this training! Kids relate with people through their space, only teachers who are already awakened in their feminine consciousness can even grasp the depth of this training program. Only with the understanding and knowledge as a space holder of possibilities, they can inspire kids to connect with their body-mind system.

The third interesting revelation was that I will explore the secrets of Yoga for beings from higher dimensions. This training will help many evolved beings or enlightened beings who have assumed the body or who are yet to be born in this world, they will need to ground to their physical body to this plane for manifestation. In Kali Yuga (Age of darkness), these beings are here to raise the consciousness of this dimension but many of them are either in slumber, dullness and confusion due to the Maya (illusion) or are being ignored by the unconscious society. For such beings, their body limits their expression because they do not know how to cooperate with their own body – which is a vehicle for their dreams and achievements in the outer world. As a result, they are stuck with physical, mental or emotional issues because of a lack of connection with Mother Earth or nature. This program will not only enable these evolved beings to build friendliness with their body, but also learn how to ground onto Mother Earth so that they can experience a sacred space for them to explore and expand.     

When I looked back, the last two decades of yoga training, combined with Swamiji’s teachings, initiations of awakening of my bio memory and my own experimentations, he has been preparing me for this Cosmic Mother’s role in training his divine kids – both kids and kids in an adult body! I am absolutely thrilled to see the first batch of teachers will be trained in coming July and September. The chosen ones are the beings from the higher dimensions sent by him. In his excitement, he revealed the title of this training program as ‘Mothers’ Love Kids Yoga Teachers Training’. I can already see many doors to raise the consciousness of children and parents will open up along with this expansion of transmitting the sacred knowledge of Yoga and my muscle memory to more beings. Namaste 😀