A new life as Nithyananda Yogi

I am a Nithyananda Yogi, living amidst all of you. By the grace of a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, he bestowed the space of completion and awakened the powers (Shaktis) through initiation (deeksha) in me. All Shaktis manifest from a space of Advaita (Oneness) with Sadashiva (the Ultimate Super Consciousness). These powers manifest through a deep feeling connection with the Divine.

I am a Nithyananda Yogi, radiating the state of Sadashiva which is a gift from Him. This is my original state – the state of Sadashivatva, the all-pervasive beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent, un-embodied boundary-less Whole, woundless, muscleless having no incompletion with the body, the ever-pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion. Whenever I cognize any thought current that is lower than this truth, I simply drop it at His feet and get back to this pure state.

I am a Nithyananda Yogi, radiating the space of Sadashiva – a space of perpetual completion, a space of positivities, possibilities and powerfulness. Every day, the moment I become aware of myself, an intense excitement or enthusiasm to live that day happens. I experience life is dancing through this body, a feeling of being so alive, energetic and powerful. The space is also called Chidambara or HiranyaGarbha (Cosmic womb) which has the capacity to give birth to anything in the physical plane. Anything I plant as a Sankalpa (a seed of intention) in this space, the seed will sprout into a new reality – whether it is setting up a new company in Hong Kong, developing a new product from scratch, manifesting a new happening in life as I want it, causing other’s reality, creating abundance in life or manifesting new Shaktis playfully, you name it. Everything is possible in life when you understand the powerful Science of space creation. Whenever I am established in the space of Sadashiva, I am able to hold that space for anyone to experience a breakthrough in cognition, healing and transformation. I relate with children in their space called Space of a Child – a pure space of authentic listening and awareness. In this pure space, I can speak into the listening of children and adults where communication and communion happen. This understanding gives me the confidence and strength to inspire my child and hold a space of possibility for him to flower in his spiritual awakening. Whoever comes into my breathing space, I also hold a space of possibility for them to discover their ignorance and possibilities. With the space of Sadashiva, sometimes I travel in astral plane to different dimensions and planes by the prana (life energy) of Sadashiva.

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Enriching from a pure space of love

I just got back after spending 8 days in Hong Kong sharing with people the Science of Yoga and Science of healing, giving them an experience of their higher possibilities. This was my second trip to Hong Kong this year after having incorporated a new company called Space of Purity and Awareness (SPA) with a group of like-minded friends.

In my first trip to Hong Kong in April after a gap of almost 10 years was really to test the market and also to get a better sense of the mental setup of the Hong Kong people and the challenges they are facing in life. That trip was the start of a steep learning curve for the SPA team. Undeterred, with divine guidance we just kept going with the clear vision of enriching the community and we continued to develop a new platform such as Parents-Kids Home Yoga to engage more conscious parents and kids as well as new healing workshops which gave people an experience of Divine Feminine Consciousness and the health issues like tensions and sleep disorders in Hong Kong.

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Living action in utter insecurity is living enlightenment

Do you constantly seek security in life?

In the Maslow Hierarchy of needs, we are taught that beyond basic survival needs like food, water and shelter, the next level of needs we seek is that of security. As such we constantly run our lives in search of attaining certain level of security in life – financial security, family security and job security.

I discovered that my past incompletion with wealth and abundance during my childhood days made me run my life searching for financial security. As a result, I was running to accumulate wealth and the zeros in my bank account. I was conditioned to this arithmetic logic from society that I wouldn’t have enough financial freedom in my old age, so I needed to run my life while I was still young. This pattern of insecurity was finally broken only after I took the jump out of the corporate life and start seeing my blind spot which made me run for security. In the corporate life, I cognized that there is no such thing as job security because anything can happen due to the volatility of imaginary stock market. The moment I understood this truth that life itself is nothing but utter insecurity, I stopped this foolishness. I completed with my blind spot of creating a bondage within myself in the name of security which was just Maya (illusion) due to my ignorance.

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