I just got back after spending 8 days in Hong Kong sharing with people the Science of Yoga and Science of healing, giving them an experience of their higher possibilities. This was my second trip to Hong Kong this year after having incorporated a new company called Space of Purity and Awareness (SPA) with a group of like-minded friends.

In my first trip to Hong Kong in April after a gap of almost 10 years was really to test the market and also to get a better sense of the mental setup of the Hong Kong people and the challenges they are facing in life. That trip was the start of a steep learning curve for the SPA team. Undeterred, with divine guidance we just kept going with the clear vision of enriching the community and we continued to develop a new platform such as Parents-Kids Home Yoga to engage more conscious parents and kids as well as new healing workshops which gave people an experience of Divine Feminine Consciousness and the health issues like tensions and sleep disorders in Hong Kong.

From my observations, I cognize that Hong Kong people are a bunch of people who never feel a sense of belonging – it was under the British colonization for 99 years before the handover to China in 1997. Even after 20 years of return to China, the people never feel they are a part of China as they continue to operate under the old system as long as the people are subservient under new regime. Honestly, the people there are really street-smart but they use the intelligence to escape from true growth. Many spend so much time and effort in looking good and by staying current with the latest trends in society but not realizing the inner work is the real work they are missing. I saw a majority of Hong Kong people are too focused on chasing the ephemeral and superficial things in life just to give an impression of success and well-being. The men in Hong Kong have not evolved much from the Feudalistic era of the Confucian age in terms of values yet they embrace the latest trends. Frankly I feel that the Hong Kong women are the very suppressed beings because they are made to earn a living like men but they also have to take care of the children and family. No wonder many females are not experiencing fulfilment because they are not hardwired to play the roles in which society expected them to do. Clearly some of them are in depression or a state of suppression, but some choose to numb themselves with distractions such as work, frivolous entertainment, fashion, vacations and gossips. I also discovered that it is not easy for Hong Kong people to open up to their authentic self by looking in to understand the issues they are struggling in life. After all, they have escaped from life for so long.

This second trip gave me a new click when I was enriching people who came into my breathing space. When you are able to share the experience love from the space of completion and powerfulness, it not only expands them but it also expands you. As articulated by my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), he said that “Love will bring more love when one gives experience of love to others. It expands you.” All we did was to show them their possibilities by sharing the knowledge and experience of Yoga and healing with love and generous giving. People could not help but felt the space of expansiveness whenever they attended the programs or activities we organized. They also experienced hope in their life which was missing for decades. I never knew this space before until this trip, simply by enriching people tirelessly and holding a space for their transformation, people started coming to find out more. I am curious to know what will unfold in the next trip!

In essence, I discovered that by enriching from a pure space of unconditional love, you are literally giving life back to people, this is the most powerful way to engage and transform people. I learned this from Swamiji by his body language, words and mission. Now I am also living it! In deep gratitude. Namaste 😀