Power of Vedic Psychology

As a spiritual guide and healer, I discover that there is no other psychology that is more powerful and complete than Vedic Psychology. Some of you may be aware that I don’t use any of the traditional psychotherapy and psychoanalytic therapy which most people learn in mainstream institutions or universities of Psychology. This is because Vedic Psychology not only is able to provide me with answers to all the questions I have but it also offers a permanent solution to all complex psychological disorders. One recent case which I worked on, proves the power of Vedic Psychology and gives me so much confidence that I simply know many people with complex psychological disorders can be healed with this science.

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You Can Rewrite Your Future

The most precious gift that I received in my last spiritual retreat, Inner Awakening in Bali was the science of rewriting my own future – a breakthrough in my ability to cause my own reality.

First, let me share with you the two things which the whole humanity is caught in: 1) Default Future and 2) Reality Illusion.

You see, all of us have a default flow of life called “default future” because of our individual root-pattern and past incompletions. The root patterns and parasite patterns are very powerful as they not only make us accumulate more and more suffering and karmas while in the body, but they also make us feel nothing is possible in life. This additional karma accumulated after we assumed the body is called “Agamya”. Agamya karma results in one experiencing the “default future which naturally attracts diseases, depression and suffering. That’s the fate of ordinary human life.

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Desire is Part of Your Existence

Is it wrong to have desires? Is the desire to have wealth considered a bad thing? Do you feel ashamed of your desires?

Desire can be a major conflict for many people when they don’t have the right understanding about desire. I am a classic example, because of various childhood conditioning, I used to think that people who desire to have huge wealth in their life is a curse, it is better not to have such desire and just live a mediocre life. I was also influenced by my superficial understanding of Buddhism which says “desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering”. My shallow cognition was that all desires are cause of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied. As a result, desiring them can only bring suffering.

It is no surprise that I didn’t choose a rich husband or have a desire to be a multi-millionaire! I was carrying many wrong ideas about desires which formed the basis of my cognition till I came upon the complete understanding of desires from Vedic tradition.

Here are the truths you need to catch!

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