The most precious gift that I received in my last spiritual retreat, Inner Awakening in Bali was the science of rewriting my own future – a breakthrough in my ability to cause my own reality.

First, let me share with you the two things which the whole humanity is caught in: 1) Default Future and 2) Reality Illusion.

You see, all of us have a default flow of life called “default future” because of our individual root-pattern and past incompletions. The root patterns and parasite patterns are very powerful as they not only make us accumulate more and more suffering and karmas while in the body, but they also make us feel nothing is possible in life. This additional karma accumulated after we assumed the body is called “Agamya”. Agamya karma results in one experiencing the “default future which naturally attracts diseases, depression and suffering. That’s the fate of ordinary human life.

The way we perceive the reality is nothing but the way how the world occurs to us. The world is made of matter which is NOT reality, but most people think it is the reality because they are caught in a reality illusion (maya). The great news is this reality can be transformed if we understand the science of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality).

Next thing we need to do is understand how we have completely messed up the Past, Present and Future due to the reality illusion. Here is the truth – our Past, which is sitting in the Future, disturbs our Present. When we don’t understand how our Past enters into our Present and disturbs our Future, we cannot unlock the knot and get out of this cycle of illusion. Most of the time, we think our present is filled with our past, which is not true. The truth is our Present is filled with the future! Our cognition is filled with so many Do’s and Don’ts from the Past! We need to liberate our Future from all the Past sitting on it. Then the Past which is complete can fill our Present. Future which does not have the baggage of the Past can possess our Present, can live through our Present fully. The actual problem is Past disguised in the name of Future without our awareness. We need to complete with everything sitting in our Past, all the decisions we made for the Future from the Past. Then we can truly welcome our pure Future.

For example, today is Sunday, you are already feeling the Monday blues of having to go back to work. You are still in the same old house with the same spouse, same family, same job physically, but psychologically you are already experiencing Monday – the Future. The Future is already filling the Present! But your future is filled with your past because you once had a really bad experience with your boss on one Monday in the past which left you feeling depressed. Then you made a decision at that time that you will not do your best because no matter how much effort you put in, your boss will never appreciate your work. This decision you made for the Future is what disturbs your Future and Present.

Basically, we have allowed our Past to control our Present through Future. If we look in consciously, we will realise that there are many serious wrong cognitions we have made in the Past that are destroying our Future and Present. Precisely we need to find out in which file the incompletions are existing. In the Present the Future is sitting, in the Future the Past is sitting. Only if we know where the wrong file is sitting, where we started the problem, only with this clarity we will understand the foolishness of all our incompletions. Then we can work on completing so that all the incompletions will melt down and lose its power over us.

Without this clarity, our life will be very much a repetition of the old, the same. We deny ourselves the possibility of life! Life means possibility of future. Future is always beautiful, filled with huge possibilities. Do you know that every decision you make for the future from the past pattern, you deny that component of life for yourself forever? For instance, if you think creating wealth is difficult based on your past failures, you are denying the possibility of abundance for you once for all. If you think health is not possible for you in the future due to past diseases, you denied the greatest possibility of health and well-being in your life once for all. If you think enlightenment is impossible for you in this lifetime based on the past failures, you are denying the possibility of enlightenment once for all in your life. Fundamentally, every time we deny the possibility, we deny our future, we deny LIFE itself. The Future is God’s statement to you: ‘Still I trust you and I give you the possibilities!’ We should not allow the Devil which is the Past, to occupy the Future. Complete with all your Past sitting on your Future, so you will have a beautiful Present and Future.

Once we start completing with all the root-patterns and run our life, that is called “Prarabdha” – i.e. we will be experiencing the original karmas we brought with this body and exhausting them. The next highest possibility happens when we conquer our own life by completing with all our root-patterns and create a new space and re-write our future. This state is called “Ishwarathwa” (leadership consciousness). Jivan Mukthi (liberation) comes only for the people who achieve Ishwarathwa; because for Jivan Mukthi to happen, exhausting the Agamya and Prarabdha alone is not enough, we have to complete even our Sanchita (entire karmic bank).

The Inner Awakening programme, taught personally by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, is a unique alchemy which helps you to find your root pattern and parasite patterns from which your old personality is established and burn the roots through science of completion. It also teaches you the science of liberating your default future and gives you the free space to create your new personality and rewrite your future. Then you will be able to play with life knowing the science of creation and manifestation.

In essence, don’t settle for the default future which is the reality illusion that we are made to believe by society. You have the power to rewrite your own future if you learn the science and intensely work on completing with your Agamya karma, Prarabdha karma and Sanchita Karma. With all these 3 are completed, you live a life of a Jivan Mutka (the liberated one). Namaste! 🙂


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