Surrendering to the Divine

The last one week had been an intense roller coaster ride of emotions in my life due to certain obstacles which were preventing me from manifesting my reality. The unconscious darkness (Maya) was playing up to stop the flow of my project because it knew fundamentally the success of the project would mean a great service to humanity. For two months I have been working on this project, one incident last week hit a low mood in the inner space.

The whole experience taught me one important lesson – that is surrender.

What is surrender?

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A Return to Innocence

Tell you honestly, it was only when I started relating with my son from his innocent space and working with many children in Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul (a weekend program for kids) that I was able to experience the pure space of a child. The depth of this experience made a return to my original inner space of innocence. Innocence is such an important spiritual quality for living enlightenment and manifesting shaktis (powers) of Super consciousness (Sadashiva).

What is innocence?

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Are you caught in illusion?

I am reminded of this beautiful story of Narada from Vedic tradtion which we can learn about the power of illusion (maya).

Narada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu – the preserver in the Hindu Trinity of Gods. After sometime, he became very proud because of his closeness to Lord Vishnu. He believed that he was not affected by the daily situations in life that continued to keep a person from growing spiritually.

When Lord Vishnu saw that Narada’s pride was blocking his spiritual progress, he decided to teach him a lesson. A true master will never allow a disciple to get stuck along the path to enlightenment.

One day, Lord Vishnu asked Narada very softly “Narada, can you please fetch me some water to drink?”

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