Tell you honestly, it was only when I started relating with my son from his innocent space and working with many children in Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul (a weekend program for kids) that I was able to experience the pure space of a child. The depth of this experience made a return to my original inner space of innocence. Innocence is such an important spiritual quality for living enlightenment and manifesting shaktis (powers) of Super consciousness (Sadashiva).

What is innocence?

The innocence from the spiritual context is very different from what our dictionary defines as innocence. According to a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), he defines innocence as purity of the inner space, not being affected by thoughts or engraved memories. For example, even if you are not expressing your emotions like anger, greed and lust, if these emotions are present in your inner space, you are not as yet a total and innocent person. Socially you may appear to be pure, that’s all. Morality is relative, not existential. On the other hand, if you express your anger, lust and greed but nothing touches your inner space and you live like an innocent child regardless of your age, then be very clear, you are a pure being.

If you observe children, they build their personality mostly on greed, that is why they are so aware and conscious of ‘mine’ attitude. If you try to take away a toy from a child, the child will behave as if his life is taken away. He will scream and shout – this is because his whole personality is built upon ‘mine’ attitude. Children have both greed and anger, but we cannot call them impure. This is because whatever you may think as impurity does not affect their inner space. They will sit and play with their toys and after a few hours they will throw them and go away. They don’t carry anything in them, hence their inner space is beautiful and pure. It is the innocence of a child which makes a child intense about anything that he/she does.

Constantly, we are asked to be good, to be pure, and to be innocent, the idea of innocence is forced upon us by society. Constantly we are taught by the moralists – that something is right, something is wrong, something is pure, something is impure, something is good, and something is bad, something is innocent and something is corrupted. We are forced to practice something that is good or what society thinks is good for us. But life is no way related to what society believes in. Life is totally different existentially. What society believes is different from what life is. Innocence is about purity which is directly related to the inner space. It is in no way related to the outer world.

I remembered in the Shiva Sutras, a Vedic scripture gifted by Lord Shiva to Devi, His consort, Lord Shiva gives us techniques to achieve this innocence. If you follow Lord Shiva’s life as described in the Hindu puranas (histories), you will not be able to see any social innocence in him. But there will be the pure and ultimate innocence. The place where he lives or the way in which he lives is not directly related to his purity or innocence. Shiva lives in a cemetery where dead bodies are cremated, surrounded by spirits and ghosts. The word Shiva in Sanskrit means causeless auspiciousness. This causeless auspiciousness, the energy to create bliss wherever he is, wherever he happens, arises out of his innocent inner space. For oneness with Sadashiva, one has to return to innocence. There is no other way. It is through the innocent inner space that one radiates the state, space and manifests all the shaktis (powers) of Sadashiva.

Sadly, human beings have developed such cunningness with the mind that adults have lost their innocent inner space due to clutching onto the societal conditioning. As a result, they become so insensitive towards self and others, there is no passion for people – humanity. Unless you are without logic or you are tired of logic, you cannot be ready for the transformation. Logic cannot help you understand even your own life. Logic cannot help you look even into your own mind. How can it help you change? All our suffering is because of logic without intelligence. Our logic creates so much politics inside us the moment we are awaken till the time we retire to bed. If you watch your mind with awareness, you will notice that it says one thing in the morning and a different thing in the evening on the same subject. This creates the dilemma in your mind. Your mind itself is such dilemma. How can you trust the logic of your mind?

Innocence is an original state which  can be regained once again if you start living life by shifting from mind to inner space, from hypocrisy to intensity by dropping the societal conditioning. In the truest sense, you cannot be intense in anything you do unless you are innocent of other agenda. It is the totality of innocence that leads you to enlightenment.

It is time humanity make a return to innocence in their inner space, this is the solution to attract all the best things in life  such as health, intensity, youthfulness, fulfilment and eternal bliss. You will experience the best introduction about you as declared by the ancient rishis in Mahanarayana Upanishad – “Brahmanyam Bahu Putrathaam” – I am the favorite inheritor of Cosmos.  This amazing yet powerful introduction simply makes your being celebrate life as a divine play! There is no need to take life too seriously!Namaste 😀