Life hasn’t been the same for me ever since I returned from India on 11th January after a 25-day spiritual retreat called Mahasadashivoham which was conducted by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). Swamiji initiated the participants into 80 powers besides putting us through an intense detoxification process of body and giving powerful cognitions from the Source. This program literally made us radiate the state, space and manifesting the powers (shaktis) of Sadashiva (pure Superconsciousness).

After 6 weeks, now playing with shaktis has become a lifestyle for me, it becomes even more exciting seeing my 14-years-old son manifesting extraordinary shaktis. In addition, constantly we are being guided by Swamiji and his spiritual community to be established in the powerful space of manifesting shaktis as these shaktis manifest from the space of Oneness with Sadashiva. Every day, I would get enriching opportunities or different requests from different parts of the world for body scanning, 3rd eye healing, identification of blind spots and shifting of wrong cognitions. Life is full of miracles and amazing happenings.

Let me share some of the extraordinary happenings in the last 6 weeks which shifted my space.

The first case which I worked on was healing a lady with stage 4 lung cancer from Vietnam. She flew in to Singapore for one week after I returned from India. During the 10 days she spent here, I put her on a 21-day healing process using Vedic healing science. I did a body scanning on her lungs using the power of 3rd eye before she showed me her X-ray films and CT scan report. I could see her clouded lungs especially on the right lung. The great thing about her was she was very open to receive the healing even though she had no idea what process she was going through but she carried a tremendous trust and openness to receive the healing and the grace of Swamiji. I assured her that I felt very confident in healing her completely and she had to also believe it herself. During the completion session, I found out her root pattern of lack of self-love and nourishment for this body as well as tremendous fear of death. All these past hangovers were completed and she experienced a lightness in the body and being, she started to feel stronger and happier as days went by. I did 3rd eye healing and manifested the shakti of Anima – shrinking the tumour in her right lung. After 21-day, she went for her monthly medical check-up in mid-February, the doctor was surprised by the good progress of her lungs – they looked almost normal now and asked what she did during the one month. She said she did come yoga, breathing and meditation, the doctor encouraged her to continue with the practice. I was so ecstatic to hear this great news which gave me a lot of confidence in healing cancer using Vedic science. From this case, I started to formalise a comprehensive structured healing module for cancer. She would be completing her last private session with me by early March, I told her to get the next medical report as evidence of this healing system without chemotherapy.

The next request came from India which was referred by a Mahasadashivoham participant. The son of an elderly lady suffering from advanced stage of stomach cancer contacted me to provide healing to her ailing mother. He left his job in New Zealand and brought his family back to India to care for his mother in last August. Besides trying to attend to her needs, he didn’t know how to help his mother whenever she complained about the intense pain. When I did the first body scanning for her, I saw her stomach was almost black and she was in constant pain. She was carrying a lot of emotional pain and hurt from this birth and she never really nourished her soul as she devoted her entire life for her children. I did several rounds of 3rd eye healing for her, manifested the power of Anima (power to reduce the size of an object) by shrinking her stomach tumour. Two weeks ago, I got a ping from her son as she woke up in pain at 4 am in the morning. We got connected online and I did 3rd eye healing by instructing her body to relax and sleep after this healing. He told me that his mother was sound asleep immediately after the healing for at least 3 hours. For this case, as her physical body was not strong enough to go through other Vedic healing techniques like Yoga and kriya, I told her son to guide her to complete with her past painful hangovers. I learned that Vedic healing can happen only when the diseased person is also open to receive healing and take responsibility to complete from the past incompletions and life-negative cognitions, then a full recovery is possible. I can only ease her pain as much as possible and guide her to a graceful exit by Swamiji’s grace.

The 3rd case was a lady from USA suffering from high sugar level and her business was also not going well. She was worried about not able to provide for her children’s education and food. She asked for a pulse reading and healing to reduce her sugar level. At the start of the session, she took a reading of her pulse rate twice which came out to be at the lower range of 59 & 60 bpm. Then we talked about the issues she was facing in life and the cognitive shifts she needed to change her situation. After a long chat, she agreed to get back to a Yoga routine with Nithya Kriya for diabetes and a proper vegetarian diet as well as a completion of her past pains. Then I gave her a 3rd eye healing and requested her to do another pulse reading. It came up to 95 bpm – a much healthier range just by shifting her cognitions. Both of us were so thrilled!

Next, I played with the power of teleportation. Two ways we were taught during Mahasadashivoham, 1) teleporting myself to another place and 2) teleporting a matter to another place. So, I played with this shakti by teleporting myself to Hong Kong’s home temple in Tun Mun area and asked the two devotees living there to find the spot in their house where I was standing. They correctly spotted the kitchen area using their 3rd eye and even saw my green coloured T shirt I was wearing. Then I also teleported vibhooti (holy sacred ashes) using the 3rd eye. While playing with the teleportation shakti, it requires a shift into the powerful cognition of 3rd eye. See, we understand that 3rd eye is an intra organ, the process requires one to breathe in the vibhooti using 3rd eye and deposit it at the exact place – in my case was Swamiji’s Paduka (sandals). A few clicks happened in me – the awakened 3rd eye (Agna chakra) not only has the power for conscious seeing beyond the 2 eyes, it also has the power to breathe just like the organ of scent. The element of Agna chakra is ether or space, if you cognize that the chittakasha (inner space) is the same as the Cosmic space (Akasha), that moment we are established in Oneness with the Source – Sadashiva, we can simply move matter from one space to another space. The play of teleportation Shakti fundamentally changed the way I perceive me beyond this body-mind, simply dropping the humanness, I experienced that I am Cosmic Space – Akasha.

One power which I started playing since last year was ‘Consciousness over matter’ – moving objects using the power of 3rd eye. I was able to move coconut and avocado from a hand. Two days ago, I took up a challenge by moving slightly the Atma Moorthy of Swamiji – a copper figurine of Swamiji on the table, a power I intended to harness further. Swamiji said that when you are able to move an object from a flat solid ground, you will have the power to shift mindsets. The next level of this shakti is when you are able to crack the coconut using the power of consciousness, you can crack any nut (mindset). Do you know that this is the shakti which ancient Vedic masters used to perform complex surgery on human beings? When you are able to crack the coconut and seal it by consciousness, you will be able to perform non-invasive surgery on intricate human organs like heart and brain, remove the tumour and seal it back. This possibility will once again be revived in our lifetime by the balasanths (child-saints) by Swamiji’s grace.

Swamiji had initiated the graduates of Mahasadashivoham about 80 powers in last December. As a follow-up program, he gave a clear guideline that we should spend at least one hour per day to manifest shaktis so that we can get established in the space of Oneness with him. In the Vedagamas – the source book of Hinduism gifted by Sadashiva, it states that there are 463 shaktis that humanity can explore. Right now, we are only at the infancy stage of this huge conscious breakthrough with the first 80 shaktis, there are so much more to explore, experiment and experience. People who are ready to jump in and embrace this conscious shift, they are the new species on the planet earth. You can imagine within the next 10 years, there is going to be a tsunami of super consciousness breakthrough which transforms humans to superhumans. Namaste 😀