Do you know that whether something stays with you or not, it depends on how powerful you are with it?

According to a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), he said:” If you are powerful with your body, you will never have sickness. The parts over which you lost your power, get into disease. Same way for wealth, if you are powerful with wealth and abundance, it will never leave you. However, the moment your powerlessness is awakened by wealth, you get greedy with wealth and lose whatever you have. It is our powerlessness that decides whether what we got stays with us or leaves us, not the way we got it.”

During the 25-day spiritual retreat called Maha Sadashivoham in last December, I was initiated into many powerful cognitions which now form the basis of the way I perceive Self, world and Universe. I would like to share these powerful cognitions which fundamentally created a cognitive shift in me.

  • We are made of the same material as Mahasadashiva (Divine Super Consciousness). That ultimate and you are made of the same thing. Static matter (Jada), dynamic activity (shakti) and strategic intelligence (SadaShiva) – these are the three forms of Existence, they have no boundary between them, they are one and the same. As strategic intelligence, you can move the static matter and dynamic activity. If your strategic intelligence decides, your dynamic energy as well as the static matter just follow.
  • Mahasadashiva decided to become many to celebrate His existence. Hence He is in everything and everything is in Him. The good and the bad, the right and the wrong, everything is a part of Mahasadashiva, His millions faces. Anywhere you are not celebrating your existence – such as health, wealth, relationships, anything in life, you have forgotten you decided to manifest that. Conscious manifestation is celebration, unconscious manifestation is manipulation of that same principle. Decisions, actions you choose good or bad doesn’t matter, the number of decisions or actions strengthens the cognitions about existence within you matters. It grounds that cognition within you.
  • There are 11 dimensions of the Multiverse. Only Hindu Cosmology exists, the reincarnation is real. If you don’t know Hindu Cosmology, after death you will not recognize the 11 dimensions when you see them. If you think there’s only one life one death, after death you will be overwhelmed and you will be stuck to your body. This is why other religions preserve their dead whereas in Vedic tradition, the dead body is burnt as quickly as possible.
  • As the living representative of Mahasadashiva on planet earth, all these 11 dimensions are in Swamiji’s control. Through initiations by Swamiji to transform human beings to divine Super humans, we will be able to play with 11 dimensions while alive and even after death.
  • Religious superiority is not necessary because there is only one truth. This is a science. Your cognitions during life determine what you will do after death. Don’t miss these ideas, your cognitions now matter. They will be your Global Positioning System (GPS) after death. What you cognize about yourself, universe and Mahasadashiva matters. These give you the awareness of the potential possibilities which are available to you after death. This is the real-life insurance anyone should have. Mahasadashiva shares the sacred knowledge and its application to humanity, this strengthens our experience in daily life.
  • Keep everything in a friendly ambience and user-friendly fashion so that it allows people to digest easily and imbibe into the self. Friendly ambience allows the whole thing to become your experience. This science was taught by MahasadasShiva to his consort, Devi while she sat on His lap.  The Known is what is already manifested to you whereas the Unknown can only be introduced in an intimate, integrity-based ambience.
  • Repetition leads to stronger patterns and stronger cognitions. What you do doesn’t matter, what drives you and pushes you matters. What is cherished in your heart matters. What you cherish about you, Cosmos and God matters. These powerful concepts are important for life and life after death. Not thinking of these ideas leads to blind spots because you don’t use and implement them in your life. These concepts are about the Unmanifest (Avyaktha), not directly perceived by your senses doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. When the unmanifest component becomes your strength, your life becomes extraordinary.
  • Whenever the inner software gets upgraded, the quality and the frequency of your experience is also upgraded. Knowledge means connecting the Known components, experiences and cognitions to the Unknown universe. This bridge is Swamiji – who is the living embodiment of Mahasadashiva, and it is painless. This is the knowledge of connecting the Known to the Unknown.
  • Life is a continuous rhythm. There is no break even by death or old age or smrutinasa – means losing memory. For example. you lost memory of the past, it does not mean the effect of the past has been taken away from you. Smrutinasa – loss of memory from last birth does not mean that you lost what you have acquired in last births. For instance, a fish body, we have learned swimming but now swimming is not forgotten even thought you do not remember the fish body. The same truth applies to the body of a monkey – you learned to climb trees, awakening that memory in your muscle, is awakening the memory. If life is a rhythmic continuum, all bodies through which you have travelled, everything can be re-invoked or rekindled. So exciting!
  • Power is not limited only to your third eye, if you cognize that all third eyes are Sadashiva’s third eye, you can read through all third eyes even though that person is not initiated into awakening of third eye. That is powerful cognition, using other’s third eyes is powerful cognition. With just this one powerful cognition, you will manifest multiple powers because you will manifest through every body everywhere. Sometimes you will not even manifest one power, but one powerful cognition will manifest in you. If you are able to read through somebody else’s third eye, you will understand how you can operate in different dimensions.
  • Consciousness is such, just by knowing about it, you will become that. Knowing Cosmos you become Cosmos itself because you are Cosmos. It is like you remembering some of your qualities. If this powerful cognition starts manifesting in you, life will become power. That is what Mahasadashivoham program is about.
  • Thought + Space = Reality. Space is where length, breadth, time, all these three are dancing or vibrating, that is the aspect called space. Our Goal is to rest in the highest existence and highest consciousness. The ability to rest and operating in that state and manifesting the powers of that space. Only by uttering them again and again you are creating the feeling. If you avoid using the words, the experience is also avoided. Usage of words in your space, becomes your experience. If a thought is stuck in space, reality is generated. When the language is stuck in the inner space, the reality is generated. Dancing in the space of Chidambaram (inner space) created the Cosmos. Whatever is generated inside becomes reality. Generated good words or bad words, when they hit the space, they are generated as reality.
  • The space inside you, where you feel you are alive, the space where you are breathing and the whole space where you are living is called Tahara Akasha. Tahara Akasha is where you are alive, the words you reverberate inside decides the quality of your state. The words you generate inside your breathing space decides the quality of space.
  • Chitta Akasha is the space where you manifest your life as you want. Gatta Akasha is the space where you don‘t manifest your life as you want. Tahara means grounded in existence. Grounding you in your soul, atman, enlightenment is called Tahara Vidya. The words you utter, that creates the state you operate. Consciously generated space means if you uttered all the words consciously, tuning to your life’s goal, you create Chitta Akasha. If you manifest the default reality – Gatta Akasha by coincidentally uttering the words. What you want to do from now, that decides the whole programming of the space. Agama says: only when you are initiated by Sadashiva, life enters into you. By birth, only the Gatta Akasha keeps you alive, not Tahara Akasha. The individual soul in you is breathed by the person who is breathing the Cosmos into you through His breathing space. Till then, your perception of existence is because of the ambience of the Gatta Akasha like in your mother’s womb, you cannot be called as an individual soul. It is only substantiated existence. The Gatta Akasha is called accidental existence. You need will persistence, you need to break the laws of Gatta Akasha, that is called Tapas (penance). The more Tapas, the more alive you will feel. Whether conquering infrastructure or internal structure, breaking Gatta Kasha by your will is the only thing a human being needs to do in life. Like ups and downs of the wave, gives the feeling of the ocean is alive in that area, you have soul only when you manifest powers. Deeksha (initiation) by Guru means breathing life or infusing life. The frequency of your will existence is raised to the level of will persistence to become the realisation of will, reality, realisation. Tahara Akasha breathes life into Tahara Akasha. With that, you start will persistence. With the will persistence you start manifesting. Not only powers, even manifesting a life as you want, your Gatta Akasha becomes Chitta Akasha.

I hope you enjoy internalizing the above powerful cognitions and awaken to the state, space and shaktis of Sadashiva. Namaste 😀