Awakening of a new healing energy

It has been 11 days since I returned from a life-transforming spiritual retreat called MahaSadashivoham with my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda who is a living Avatar (fondly known as Swamiji). Since the news of manifesting over 65 shaktis (powers) of Sadashiva (pure Super consciousness), I’ve been flooded with many global requests for body scanning, healing and spiritual solutions. In the process of manifesting the shaktis, I discovered an upgraded intelligence and a new lease of healing energy had been awakened in me.

During the retreat in December 2017, one of the participants from Singapore told me that his wife’s best friend from Vietnam had just been diagnosed with lung cancer which shook her entire world. Knowing that I was a cancer survivor after having read my eBook – ‘Cancer: A death sentence or a wake-up call? You decide’ last October, he approached me for help upon his wife’s request. Things happened so quickly, the next thing I realised the lady agreed to fly into Singapore to see me despite not knowing anything about Science of Vedic healing and how it would work without any medication or invasive treatment as prescribed normally by Allopathy (Western Medicine). Her best friend has been a great pillar of strength and support during this period of uncertainty and adversity. Fortunately, she trusted her best friend and jumped with a leap of faith.

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False security is the biggest danger in life

Are you centred only on logic?
Do you feel accumulation of wealth gives you tremendous security?
Do you always plan precisely your whole day routine?

If your answer is a ‘YES’ to any one of the above questions, you are a person living in the length dimension. Length dimension means anything with a systematic logical flow, a repeated flow with the same logic every time. Whatever is known in the Universe, 99.99% is logic. But the Universe comprises both the Manifest (Vyakta) and the Unmanifest (Avyakta) components. The unfortunate thing is our society can only grasp the length dimension which is rooted on logic. Hence, the collective unconsciousness in society creates an imaginary security using the illusionary concept of electronic currency and the zeros in the bank balance. With electronic money, you may be better secured but not absolutely secured. This is because relative security is not real absolute security. People who are constantly striving for security in life with money will find themselves cheated by life as all it takes is an accident to wake them up and they will realize that they are living in illusion. Security and wealth are the false security which makes human beings not seek the true security in life. The false security is the biggest danger in length dimension.

In Vedic tradition, money is not Lakshmi (a Hindu Goddess who represents the energy of wealth, fortune and abundance), using money so that you allow it to flow as currency is Lakshmi. Hoarding the money is known as Kubera wealth that neither allows you to enjoy the wealth nor others can enjoy the wealth. Instead the flow of currency is Lakshmi wealth where you treat money cheaply by sharing generously and allow Lakshmi to follow you. Fundamentally, the absolute wealth is the number of hours you are intensely alive in a day without being affected by your hormones or other external factors. That is real security because you are not touched by anything external, you are centred from within!

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The master key

Is Guru required to achieve the Ultimate experience of Yoga?

When I started my path of Yoga, frankly I never imagined that I would have an enlightened Guru because I wasn’t even searching for one. But the moment the Guru happened in my life, that was when my life truly began for me. Before that I was merely existing with a lot of suffering, struggles and confusion in my life. From my own experience, after meeting my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), I am able to cognize my ignorance, complete with the past hangovers and discover other higher dimensions in life, self and Cosmos.

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