Let’s Bring Vedic Renaissance to the World

I was tidying up my bookshelf this week and I found my little black notebook from 2007-2008 in which I kept many spiritual gems I experienced from my master, Paramhamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). In that book, I remembered a mind-blowing discourse titled “Vedic Renaissance” which he delivered in USA in 2007. That extraordinary discourse resonated with me and awakened the seeker in me – a time in my life stage when I was suffering from spiritual poverty.

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Kundalini Demystified

I remembered when I first heard about the word “Kundalini” was from my former yoga teacher some 14 years ago, she warned me about the danger of awakening this innate energy which could lead to many disorders like hallucination, sex perversion, depression and mental breakdown. At that time the space I received this information was from fear, not the right understanding. From this misunderstanding, the cognition I made at that time was not to awaken my Kundalini energy for fear of all the dangers.

It was only after I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda that I was given the right context from the enlightened consciousness which helped me to drop all the fears and welcome the awakening of this innate potential energy within me.

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The Joy of Living in a Sangha

There are 2 types of families – one is the blood-related family and the other is the ideological family. The former is the family we are born into whereas the latter is the family which connects us to certain ideals.

A sangha is an ideological family, a spiritual community which is kept alive only by giving and sharing spiritual experience with others. Since we are no hermits living in a cave, we are fundamentally social beings living in a community.

Lord Buddha once said that – To experience nirvana (enlightenment), 3 things are needed: Buddha (the master), dharma (His teachings) and sangha (a spiritual community). He also said that the future of sangha should be filled with tremendous friendliness. A person who supports the life’s mission is a “Mitra”, a friend.

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