I was tidying up my bookshelf this week and I found my little black notebook from 2007-2008 in which I kept many spiritual gems I experienced from my master, Paramhamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). In that book, I remembered a mind-blowing discourse titled “Vedic Renaissance” which he delivered in USA in 2007. That extraordinary discourse resonated with me and awakened the seeker in me – a time in my life stage when I was suffering from spiritual poverty.

One beautiful thing about Vedic tradition is that it again and again reminds us to achieve something in the inner world, it gives us constant inspirations to transform our inner space; to raise ourselves to experience the different space that life offers. Swamiji said that for the first time in the history of humanity, we have reached the peak of comfort and luxury in the outer world – everything we want to enjoy through the 5 senses, we have already achieved its peak. When we travel life towards only in the realm of the material existence, we also hit the peak of suffering in the inner world i.e. the peak of spiritual poverty. We forget that without the fulfilment of our Being, even the most luxurious bed will not give us a peaceful sleep that we need. The constant pursuit and indulgence of material existence is the primary cause of many of our sufferings and psychosomatic disorders we are experiencing now in society.

After 8 years of travelling in the path of seeking, I am so grateful that Vedic Renaissance which happened in me, had helped me to experience life in its true glory and solved all the problems I faced in life. Humanity needs Vedic Renaissance because only Vedic Renaissance can fill the gap we are facing in the modern world. Unless we are able to return to our original state of inner peace and bliss, we will not be able to enjoy what we have created in the outer world. As spiritual beings, we need to be reminded that we are beyond all the suffering in the outer world, the right understanding of the timeless Vedic truths allows us to experience the inner world, our own consciousness which goes beyond the lower existence of matter – our body and mind. Fundamentally, we need to experience  that our inner space remains untouched by anything in the outer world. Only Vedic Renaissance can give us this understanding and transformation.

Another important thing I really appreciate about Vedic tradition is the belief in transforming our life instead of preaching or forcing people into conversion. This tradition understands the unique samskaras (engrams) of individuals and hence respects one’s unique faith. We believe more in practicing and spiritual intensity. The Vedic Dharma is so courageous that it discourages preaching, simply by radiating the presence, everything will happen around us.

How to bring Vedic Renaissance to the world?

  • Become a sincere seeker. A seeker is a person who understands that the outer world is not everything, he knows life is more than what he experiences through the 5 senses. Whoever moves in his life with the cognition of experiential logic and keeps the possibility open, alive, in his beliefs about himself and life, he is a seeker. Seeking makes us understand that life is beyond our control. That’s why sometimes when life is not happening according to our exponential logic or expectation, we are shaken to the core and we fall into depression. Life again and again reminds all of us that it is not within our control. Life is beyond our logic, the mind. Only few intelligent people who start seeking the Law of Life (Dharma), the law of inner world, they understand this law and eventually learn to play with it. The intense seeking will eventually lead us to a living master. Adi Shankara, an enlightened master once said that three things are very rare in life – 1) taking a human body, 2) having an intense seeking for truth and 3) having the darshan or experience of an enlightened master. With these 3 things are happening in one’s life, moksha or liberation becomes possible.
  • Add right understanding to your seeking. Here’s the simple equation – Seeking plus understanding leads us to transformation. Understanding means whatever ideas you are taught by a master, does it add more truthfulness (Sat) in you? Does it lead you to higher consciousness (Chit)? Does it bring more bliss (Ananda) in you? Flood all the truths with this one yardstick of SatChitAnanda, this is the scale to measure if you are growing in the right path. If you are becoming more intelligent, more aware and truthful in your life, it means all 3 are happening in you. When the cosmic energy is expressed through your head, it is intelligence – Sat, if it is expressed in your heart, it is compassion – Chit and if it is expressed through your Being, it is bliss – Ananda. It is understanding or right cognition which provides the context of everything in life.
  • Turn inwards to meditate. The moment we turn our energy inwards to our Being, we become more aware of our samskaras (engraved memories) or incompletions. This is where we need to continue to raise our self by working towards ultimate experience of Self Realisation or else we will only be creating politics and problems for people. Meditation is the technique which allows us to start listening authentically to the cry of our Being and discover solutions from the higher intelligence of the Source.
  • Go beyond personalities. The Vedic tradition created the 4 varnas or ranks based on the individual’s mental setup. The four varnas are: Brahmanas – who share knowledge like priests, teachers and preachers; Kshatriyas – who give confidence like kings, governors, warriors and soldiers; Vaishyas – who create and share products like cattle herders, agriculturists, businessmen, artisans and merchants; Shudras – who share time like labourers and service providers. The truth is we play all the 4 roles in different situations in life. However, the problem starts when we start getting attached to one particular role or personality due to ego. Vedic Renaissance taught me the utility and futility of these personalities and how to play the different roles or personalities without hangovers. Once we are able to do that, we bring Vedic Renaissance in our self, family and the community we live in. The moment we learn to live life playfully without attachment, with an ability to play the different roles and the understanding that we are beyond all 4 personalities, we live like a Paramahamsa – the liberated one.

How do you know if Vedic Renaissance is really happening in your life? You will experience 2 things as side-effects – 1) your transformation brings about a change in the whole world around you; 2) you will start attracting a spiritual community around you. All these are indications of you moving towards enlightenment.

In essence, I believe that Vedic Renaissance is the answer to every individual’s struggle and the world’s suffering. The shift can only happen when each one of us take the first step in creating a Vedic Renaissance within us. As more people live with the same ideology and understanding as a collective consciousness, simply the world will be raised to the next level of consciousness. I know I am one such activist who will bring Vedic Renaissance to the world. Namaste 😀

P/S: This is my last article in 2014 as I will be away in Dec for a spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening in Cambodia (www.innerawakening.org).