Hey Youth! You are the NEW GEN!

On last Wednesday, I started a 21-Day Yoga Challenge for the Youth as one way to get our modern youth to experience the power of spiritual practices in transforming their lives. A total 12 people participated in this challenge and it would be interesting to see how many are able to live up to this simple spiritual tapas (penance).

Engaging the youth has been filling my inner space since last year, if you understand that youth forms 50% of global population and they represent a huge possibility for humanity, you will feel my urgency to reach out to this group who is facing a major crisis.

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The Power of Space

I have been experimenting and playing with the power of space in the last 3 months after my last Inner Awakening (www.innerawakening.org) with my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda in December 2013. So in January, I had created an intention to start working with youth or teens since I am already working with children.

Interestingly, by end January, I was given by a contact to see a lady in charge of a social outreach for teens who are suffering from mental disorders. In that 2-hrs meeting with her, she shared with me that one of the greatest complaints among the teens was the fear of failure. Immediately, I proposed that I would conduct a workshop and help the teens to complete with their fear of failure during the 1-week term break.

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Balanced Learning Creates New Possibility for Children

Last weekend I was away in Malaysia as a volunteer in a kids’ memory camp for 4 days called eN-Genius Memory Camp. It was such an eye opener for me being a by-product of the left-brain centric education system of Singapore which was deeply influenced by the British colonial system.

The truth is the modern education system is not designed to facilitate the whole-brain activation; it only teaches us to cramp as much information as possible which makes learning a painful experience for children. That is why many children develop this deep hatred for school and examinations because the learning has become a dreadful experience. It completely takes away the joy of learning in life. Our current educational system only teaches children the IQ (Cognitive Intelligence) and perhaps a little EQ (Social-Emotional Intelligence) which results in only barely 5-10% of the brain capacity is being activated. This is such a poor representation of a child’s limitless potential intelligence yet parents and the education system are so concerned about such benchmark. The other 90%, which is not utilised, constitutes the Spiritual Quotient (Spiritual Intelligence) and Wisdom Quotient (Wisdom Intelligence). When the child is born they have 100% right brain use and slowly the child adapts itself to the left brain world and eventually forgets to use the right brain, which is the biggest loss for mankind.  The right brain is responsible for creativity, intuition, spontaneity, quantum memory, learning in a flash, and computer like calculations etc. By the time a child reaches 6 or 7 years of age, the right side of the brain becomes closed due to societal conditioning. When this happens, human civilisation can not evolve into new dimensions.

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