Last weekend I was away in Malaysia as a volunteer in a kids’ memory camp for 4 days called eN-Genius Memory Camp. It was such an eye opener for me being a by-product of the left-brain centric education system of Singapore which was deeply influenced by the British colonial system.

The truth is the modern education system is not designed to facilitate the whole-brain activation; it only teaches us to cramp as much information as possible which makes learning a painful experience for children. That is why many children develop this deep hatred for school and examinations because the learning has become a dreadful experience. It completely takes away the joy of learning in life. Our current educational system only teaches children the IQ (Cognitive Intelligence) and perhaps a little EQ (Social-Emotional Intelligence) which results in only barely 5-10% of the brain capacity is being activated. This is such a poor representation of a child’s limitless potential intelligence yet parents and the education system are so concerned about such benchmark. The other 90%, which is not utilised, constitutes the Spiritual Quotient (Spiritual Intelligence) and Wisdom Quotient (Wisdom Intelligence). When the child is born they have 100% right brain use and slowly the child adapts itself to the left brain world and eventually forgets to use the right brain, which is the biggest loss for mankind.  The right brain is responsible for creativity, intuition, spontaneity, quantum memory, learning in a flash, and computer like calculations etc. By the time a child reaches 6 or 7 years of age, the right side of the brain becomes closed due to societal conditioning. When this happens, human civilisation can not evolve into new dimensions.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda once shared that in 3 years from now, the science of teleportation and telepathy will be known to the world and in 10 years, this science will be available to the mass. Teleportation means disappearing in one place and appearing in another place. What would the kids do with this power? Telepathy is ability to download information from the cosmic archive. Kids will be making conscious choices at a very young age! One thing for sure, parents will have to also evolve or else they will not be able to handle the change in children’s consciousness. This would be a great possibility for mankind in the space of learning as we enter into the age of enlightened civilisation.

The 4-day memory camp gave me a few important insights:-

  • Start them Young. When we provide young children with an enriching environment conducive to learning early in life, they often have higher IQ, EQ and SQ scores. If a similar kind of experience for the same period of time is provided to a 15-year-old child, the impact on the child will be significantly less. These early experiences are critical for the development of the child. This is because a child’s brain which has yet to be conditioned by society is a great possibility. They can simply catch the truth of higher dimensions and manifest the possibility in reality.
  • Children are born whole. For young children, they are already born complete, total with pure innocence and intelligence. All they need is the right environment, right guidance from the higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the current social system holds them from. To learn the extraordinary powers like teleportation and telepathy, it will be a lot easier for children than adults because they are still living in the simple and innocence space. However, the moment they are conditioned by society with negative emotions such as anger, violence, fear and jealousy, this is tantamount to pouring acid to their inner space, the brain shuts down the possibility of higher powers.
  • Stop Interference of Mind. In the Vedic tradition, children are able to remember thousands verses of sacred scriptures effortlessly. How is it possible? Children can express enormous memory power called Quantum Memory which is a constant downloading of information without interference of the mind. Do you know that reading skill is directly related to memory skill? When we learn something in complete awareness, usually when we are in shock or ecstasy, we remember it forever. Likewise, reading without interference of the mind, that is reading at quantum speed, will lead to quantum memory without mind getting in between.
  • Both Right/Left Brain Activation. Children have extraordinary imagination and visual power tapped from their right brain and combined that with the logical thinking left brain. When children are able to use both sides of the brain, they become more successful in life. In the memory camp, I witnessed some of the children were able to remember 42 words by the 3rd session, simply by using the visualisation technique of creating a story and association. In the Gurkul (Vedic School), the children can remember up to 250 words! All they did was just visualisation and they could simply remember the words. The learning concepts taught during the program are understood by the child much more deeply, clearly and positively, hence creating a life-long passion for learning. There is Brain Yoga which activates the ability to balance the right and the left brain to help open up the sixth sense. The children are given activities to balance the right and left positions of the body simultaneously using distinctive postures that stimulate both sides. The brain wave moves from Beta to Alpha increasing their alertness and attention. Children are also encouraged to learn a number of postures that bring out a new dimension in their appreciation of their bodies in terms of flexibility and strength.
  • Initiation by Master. The power of initiation by an enlightened master can awaken the non-mechanical parts of a child’s brain.  Personally, I’ve witnessed some of my eN-Vidyalaya children becoming more expressive, confident and creative after the touch of a master’s initiation. This is something that is beyond what modern science can explain as yet.

On the last day of the eN-Genius Memory camp, I sat in a circle with the children and went around asking them to share their experience. Two things came out consistently through their feedback- 1) they were very happy during the 4-day camp and 2) they learned how to have great memory through visualisation.

I sincerely believe that the learning system in the world has to evolve to embrace higher dimensions of human possibilities. But this will take time for the education authority and the whole education ecosystem to catch up with the Vedic way of learning. It may take another 20 years before we see this becoming mainstream! As a conscious mother, I am not going to wait for that to happen for my son. I will do whatever I can to expose him to higher multi-dimensional intelligence. I will be sending him to 21-day eN-Genius programme developed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in his Gurukul (Vedic School) this December for him to get a taste of Vedic way of learning which is fun-filled, enlightening and transformational. This is the best gift I can give my child as a parent. I am sure it will open up new dimensions of his higher intelligence. I can’t wait! 🙂