I had such a fantastic time in Taiwan last week teaching the second module of Mothers Love Kids Yoga Teachers Training. During this training, I had added one important process for the six aspiring teachers – Love Samyama so that they could once again re-connect to the original space of love for self and the Whole. Some of the teachers were moved to tears as they had disconnected from this space for so long. This is such an important click especially for teachers who are going to work with children’s space. Their ability to experience this space of love for self and the Whole will help them transmit the qualities of self-love to the kids. Unless we are able to relate to this pure space of love for self and the whole, we can’t experience the feeling of being worthy, creative and alive.

Let me explain the meaning of samyama. I learned the secrets of Samyama from my Guru, a living incarnation – Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji). He revealed that samyama is the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and power; which are in your super consciousness, are expressed through your body to the world. Your super consciousness is all knowing, all pervading, but preparing your body and mind to radiate some of those great powers and expressing those powers, that technology is samyama. Samyama is the essence of the Hindu tradition, the core of Vedic tradition.  Samyama is the “applied science” of pure yoga science. Science has 2 parts – theories & applied in practical life. Samyama is the applied science that brings value to pure science. Powers like materialization, teleportation, levitation etc. are a part of Hindu Vedic tradition, the applied science is used to inspire people towards pure science. All the juicy part of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is the applied science.

From Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Sutra 111, Chapter 3, Verse 5, it statesThrough the attainment of Samyama comes the light of knowledge– Tajjayat prajna lokah

Humanity need to experience the deepest truths of body and mind. Our body and mind are like clay, every day we can make it as you want. All we need to do is reclaim the superiority over our body and mind so that no tamas (dullness) can possess the body. Consciously own the body and create it as you want, create a Yogic body, Vedic mind and extraordinary life. Samyama is the technology of extraordinary experiences and powers. There are many samyamas in Yoga Sutras but this Love samyama is one of the extraordinary samyamas that opens up the divine feminine consciousness.  This awakening is responsible for more loving and compassionate beings on planet earth instead of too much aggressive masculine energy which leads people into violence and terrorism.

The Love samyama comes from the original sutra of Patanjali, Yoga Sutra 130, Chapter 3, Verse 24, it states “Love in its pure intense form, love in its very source is a strength.” – Maitry adishu balani.

Patanjali says do samyama on love for self and experience the great qualities and excel in them. Then you will just radiate those qualities and you will just be able to transmit those qualities by your very presence. Strength has three different definitions. 1. You will have the quality, 2. You will be able to transmit that qualities to others, 3. You will know how to make that quality a strength for you. Inside all of us, there is an intense super consciousness constantly waiting to break through our body and express itself. But due to societal conditioning, over time we are afraid to love. Men feel if they are too loving, women will exploit them economically; women feel if they are too loving, men will exploit them physically; and both feel they will be exploited emotionally!

Be strong by excelling in love and let the samyama on love strengthen you.  This is about the love which opens up in you, towards the whole and love with your own self. Sit and meditate on the beautiful inner space you go through, when you are in love with you and with the whole. At some time, you feel so good about being who you are. If you are feeling deeply – ‘Wow, I am really worthy of what I am, worthy of whatever I am experiencing, worthy of life.’ When you are experiencing love for self, suddenly you will experience it for the whole. Suddenly you will see everyone is worthy of what they are. The love you experience towards you, will make you experience the love towards the whole. Meditate on that kind of love, when you feel love towards you and love towards everything that you feel like blessing everything. Do samyama on that space. You will rediscover love is such a strength, it will make you radiate creativity, aliveness and friendliness. Namaste 😀