Love is that which risks everything, gives anything and asks for nothing.

~ HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji)

What we know as ordinary love is just the hormonal gush which works on the emotional push and pull of greed, fear, anger and jealousy. This kind of love driven by hormones and the mind creates only mental hell. Unfortunately, for most of us, we only experience this kind of conditional love.

Swamiji once said:” To understand the true meaning of love, we must first understand the nature of man. Man is made of intellect, emotion and being. The innermost core – the atman or self is beyond all these three.  When the light of the Atman floods the intellect, the intellect is showered with energy and is transformed into intelligence. When the Atman works through emotion, emotion is purified and expressed as trust. When the Atman touches the being, the being flowers in love. Love is the ultimate blossoming of consciousness. It is the ultimate possibility available to us.”

Are there different kinds of love?

Swamiji explains that there is only one love, but its expressions vary from person to person depending on the person’s cognition about love. For example, intellectual love is that which is expressed through the head – logic. Since it is closely related to the mind, this kind of love is the most corrupt of all.

The intellect perceives love as a bargain, a transaction of some sorts. He or she believes strictly in give-and-take. Its attitude is a calculated one – “What is in it for me?” This kind of love will always result in expectations, possessiveness, jealousy and violence. This kind of conditional love transforms neither the giver nor the receiver.

Emotional love is expressed through the heart, and so it is a more purified expression of love. Here the emphasis is not on contract, but on contact. The love trusts and gives without much expectation. Whatever problems arise in this kind of love are solved by love itself. The emotional love has to power to transform the giver immensely.

Next, when love is expressed through the being, there is neither give nor take, there is just the radiating of love, just a choiceless overflowing of love energy. This love can bring with it no pain and no problems, because it is not dependent on the other person. In fact, it does not even require an object, it is simply a radiance, an overflowing. This kind of love transforms both the giver and receiver in beautiful ways.

When love radiates through intelligence, it is called ‘falling in love’. When it radiates through the emotions, we term it as ‘rising in love’. When it radiates through the being, it results in ‘flying in love’. Of course, the only kind of love worth mentioning is the one that gives you wings and set you free. That’s the divine love.

Four days ago, Swamiji revealed in the morning discourse through Akashic reading about love for life which struck a chord in me. He said: “Anyone radiates love for life becomes part of Kalabhairava (Lord of Time). You achieve eternity. In every action bring intense love, bring intense completion with yourself, with others, with every animal with which you live, trees with which you live and objects with which you live, everything, with your home, with your team, with your family, with your friends, with everyone bring complete completion.”

So, I contemplated after my morning yoga yesterday by connecting with Lord Kalabhairava to reveal the meaning of love for life to me.

He showed me two things: 1) Love even the enemies or people who’ve hurt you as they are also part of life. Bring completion and acceptance. 2) Have a big heart to embrace every life form and allow all to co-exist together. This realization brought so much completion within me and I am truly grateful to receive this a profound insight!

In essence, love grounds your consciousness and it is by being authentic to who you are which makes you strong enough to radiate love. Namaste 😀

Note: This content of this article came from the book ‘Uncommon answers to common questions’ by Nithyananda