Closeup portrait of a young woman looking depressed

Do you constantly suffer from tiredness?

If you are a sincere seeker who wants to experience your highest possibility, the tiredness pattern is the first thing you need to get out! From my experience, the tiredness pattern left my body only after I became a Nirahari (one who can live without solid food) in 2013 by the grace of my Guru, HDH Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji).

Here are seven important truths about tiredness from a spiritual context which you need to catch.

  • Feelings of tiredness is a form of physical powerlessness, meaning we don’t feel strong enough to continue the task before us. Depression is a form of mental or emotional powerlessness, while refusing to trust in life is spiritual powerlessness.
  • Tiredness is just a lack of integrity to your soul. See, the soul can never have tiredness because consciousness can never have tiredness. That is the truth. Don’t think that having a human body means you are bound to have tiredness! NO! This is just a negative weed or a limited cognition in your inner space which you need to pull out. Whether you realize it or not, you are soul and consciousness, there is no tiredness.
  • The human body (microcosm) is a miniature of Cosmos (macrocosm), it has the possibility to reflect the Cosmic Consciousness as it is i.e. enlightenment. It’s only for the people with will persistence that enlightenment happens. The Cosmic biology and Cosmic chemistry and Cosmic physics give its blessing of “Tathaastu” (So be it) when you express will persistence. Till then, the Cosmic physics and Cosmic chemistry will test your will persistence. Your own body – collapsing in tiredness or chronic fatigue – that is physics testing your will persistence. Your own mood swings – ups and downs of emotions – that’s the chemistry testing your will persistence. Getting out of tiredness is the first test of your will persistence by Cosmos!
  • Do you know that tiredness is the child form of Satan (devil)? As a sincere seeker, you do not entertain tiredness. The child of Satan is tiredness which grows and becomes Satan. Do not entertain powerlessness or dilemma in any form in your being.
  • Only when you conquer the tiredness and boredom pattern, you can sit in Nirvikalpa Samadhi (restful awareness). Otherwise you will sit and close your eyes, either you are off somewhere or switched off, either you slip away or sleep away. Slipping is out of boredom; sleeping is out of tiredness. These are two enemies of life!
  • Tiredness comes to you only based on your incompletions and expectations which come out of incompletions. If your expectations out of incompletions are not there, there is no tiredness; whether it gets fulfilled or not, there won’t be tiredness. If there is an expectation, whether it gets fulfilled or not, you will have tiredness and incompletion. If there is no expectation, whether it gets fulfilled or not, you will not have tiredness and boredom. When you don’t have tiredness and boredom, it is 120% sure that you feel fulfilled far beyond your expectations.
  • The tiredness is hell fire! With tiredness, you can’t even sleep peacefully; you may be lying on the bed but you will be tossing and turning on your bed. Sleep should happen after real sincerely exhausting whatever you want to do before falling on the bed. You will be so powerful and fall asleep! Only when you awaken Agni (Fire) of your body and let the mind be Light, you will feel intensely alive! Let your consciousness become Swayam Prakasha, self-effulgent, always radiant to catch the subtle truths from Upanishad (Vedic Scriptures)!

If tiredness is not our true nature, you may wonder how did we create the tiredness pattern?! Let me share with the mental setup as revealed by Swamiji which created tiredness and how you can get out of this pattern!

  • Every tiredness is you deciding you to pamper yourself. When you decide to pamper you, you allow it. Take example, the morning spiritual routine of yoga practice. Your inability to get up for morning Yoga means you are highly integrated to your sleep and you decide to pamper yourself. Instead of being integrated to your body, you have become highly integrated to your cosy bed and your tiredness. The morning yoga is to tune your biological clock so that the whole day you do not feel tired.  
  • Do you entertain the idea of – ‘It’s ok’? The tiredness which you allow again and again, because you feel you have done too much is the root of inauthenticity that starts growing. There is nothing called too much. Do not entertain this cute cuddling feeling with tiredness thinking: See, I did so much, other guys are not doing as much. Comparison is the root from which inauthenticity justifies and continues to exist in you. Never allow such thought currents in your inner space. With integrity, scrutinize your inner space constantly, intranalize your inner space. You will see – whenever you don’t want to take the responsibility, you invoke tiredness, boredom and fear in you.
  • Do you know that enriching takes away your tiredness and boredom? With enriching, the important principle of ‘Not giving up on you and not giving up on others’ becomes a lifestyle in you. The moment you decide to enrich you and others, the first thing the fatigue and tiredness disappears from your Being. Enriching is an antidote for tiredness and fatigue! Whenever you feel tiredness or boredom, just decide with integrity and authenticity to enrich self and others.
  • Whenever you carry a strong belief of ‘Anything I am going to take up is going to be very difficult and impossible’. Naturally, you have already created tiredness in your bio-memory and as your default cognition. Whether you want to accumulate knowledge, in any form, in any dimension you want to expand, you will always see the tiredness and laziness enters into you through the door of self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial. Your decision against life is SDHD – Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial. Whenever you become angry, you become violent and decide against life. Whenever you choose “FOR LIFE”, your anger melts down into love and compassion. You have to complete with all the limited cognitions of SDHD.
  • Listen to every conflict, every contradiction, every confrontation you face in life.  Whenever you have resistance in facing conflicts and contradictions, that is why tiredness happens to you. Ability to face conflicts, contradictions and problems is one of the important qualities you need to be a leader. Feeling responsible is a power and it makes you a leader.
  • Get into more and more actions and more excitement is ‘Possibility’ whereas the more and more action and more tiredness is the definition of “Impossibility”. If any action brings you tiredness and boredom, you already have a belief of “impossibility”, the subtle “impossibility” is already developed in you. Beauty in the action is “Possibility”. We all know how to beautify our body and skin. We need to know how to beautify our actions. When you are carrying “possibility” and acting, every action brings more and more joy and excitement. You will grow younger and your face will radiate grace and beauty.
  • Aligning your purpose with your life takes away the tiredness and boredom in you, you will feel more and more empowered and rejuvenated. The eternal reality takes away the tiredness and boredom from you. But whenever you are trying to waste your time, life, energy into the skills just for the sake of some award-reward in society which is not the purpose of your existence, there is an automatic mechanism to shut you down, to withdraw and put you in boredom and tiredness.

In essence, tiredness is the first enemy of life, we need to get out of it! Namaste 😀