What is pure love?

Pure love means the ability to love without a reason, the love that is not dependent on anything outside, it is dependent only on you.

Before you can experience pure love, you need to have the courage to become loving and let go of the guards of being hurt or violated, you will feel such a freedom, such liberation inside you. This is the first step to open the lock at the heart center. When you start loving beyond names and forms, you are not losing anything, you are merely losing what you are NOT – the illusion which you need to drop. What you gain is reality!

Next, love as much as you can, without asking for anything in return. Loving for a reason is not considered love, it just a business deal. It is like – if you give me this, I will shower you with that! Do not think that unconditional love will not get you back anything, in fact it will get you back things in more than one way. However, you should evolve to a certain level in your consciousness where you can see these things coming to you but you remain unaffected by them and continue to be loving for the sake of pure love. The moment you can love anything or anyone that comes your way without a reason, you will experience a tremendous energy and beauty. You will simply be radiating certain grace, irrespective of whether you are physically beautiful or not. Your intelligence will make you see the things that you get in return and the same intelligence will keep you blissfully untouched by them.

The moment you are brimming with pure love, you don’t feel yourself, you feel only love, you become love. When you become love, you automatically exude compassion towards everyone and everything around you. You will naturally take up a lot more responsibility around you. This responsibility is not out of ego to serve others, but out of the overflowing energy in you. The more responsibility you take up, the more you expand and the more divine energy flow in you – that’s the law of life. Responsibility is a power! Life happens to us and brings us great joy and excitement when we go on stretching ourselves to fulfil others’ expectation. Taking the responsibility to fulfil others’ expectation even if they are not ready to fulfil your expectations, is love. Take the responsibility for love – that is where a relationship starts. Do not say ‘I love you’ to anybody unless you are ready to take the responsibility to fulfil their expectations about you, without bothering whether they are ready to fulfil your expectations or not.

There will be a quantum shift in your heart and you will feel reborn – like a new person. You will cognize the change in you and so will others. People around you will develop a new kind of respect for you, they will see that you are flowering in a way that is incomprehensible to them. Yet they will be able to feel the loving energy that you radiate.

With love, you also become more sensitive such that you develop empathy. You can literally feel other’s suffering in your own being without them telling you. You simply know because the Existential energy in you can feel their pain and suffering.

When you start radiating causeless love, you will expand like anything. Your world will suddenly seem larger than life and it will be so ecstatic. You will feel the source of your own energy within you, not from outside. You become an energy source to yourself first and then to others. The energy in you will touch others. You can’t help it because you will be overflowing with it. Others will be naturally drawn to you. You will feel a deep connection with people and nature. Your faith in Existence will blossom because Existence is the common thread that runs through all things in life.

The moment you are ready to experience the embrace of Existence, you rise in love to a higher plane of consciousness. You will see Existence in everything – you feel the plants with tenderness in your heart, you see the animals as if they were your own, you see every human being as a part of Divine. That’s the real worship – the ultimate religion of love and gratitude. Namaste 😀

Content was internalised from various discourses by Paramahamsa Nithyananda