In January 2011, I was initiated into this powerful technique called eN-Kriya by my Guru, his name is called Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living avatar (fondly known as Swamiji). Through this powerful technique, he awakened my inner potential energy – Kundalini Shakti. I practised this technique for nine months and I underwent many transformations in the body-mind and consciousness. My body is now able to sit in Padmasana (lotus pose) for an hour and I can simply unclutch very deeply after eN-Kriya which takes me to very fascinating spiritual experiences beyond this plane.

eN-Kriya is one of the ancient secrets delivered to the world in the Hatha Yoga tradition by the great masters Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath, preserved, protected, practiced and preached by the Hatha Yoga samprathaya (lineage) yogis. The eN-Kriya is from the great masters of the Nath Samprathaya who created a great Samprathaya by mastering the Prana (life force). By practising this technique, it naturally gives health, mental peace, emotional fulfilment and above all, the highest possible consciousness.

If the Pranic level is raised in your system, innumerable positive side effects can happen. The mitochondria energy level increases 13 times within 18 days. The research is done by taking the blood samples on day 1 and day 18. The doctors confirm again that there is no medicine or system in planet earth that increases the level more than 25%, here we have proved to the world that we can increase it 1,300%

eN-Kriya mainly aims at balancing and fulfilling the 5 breathing movements

  • Air going in
  • Air staying in your system
  • From the air, life energy being separated and it spreads all over your system – muscle memory, mind, brain, all parts of you
  • The air coming out which is being released out of your system
  • Air used for cleansing the system

If these five movements are balanced and proper, naturally your body will be in health, your mind will be in a balanced space, your consciousness will be soaring higher and higher. Hundreds of good effects of your mind and consciousness will happen in your system just by balancing your Pancha Pranas (5 movements of prana). If they are balanced, you lead a healthy life. If they are awakened you experience enlightenment. If they are unbalanced, it can result in disorders in everything.

You need to know that in Yogic tradition, there is no incurable disease. Not having disease alone is not enough, fundamentally it is about raising the consciousness to the highest fulfilment and going beyond the cycle of life and death which is one more disease called Bhavaroha. Through eN-Kriya, one can get rid of the Bhavaroha itself. It will immediately balance your 5 breath movements and naturally that will lead to physical health, mental wellness, emotional fulfilment, awakening the non-mechanical parts of the brain, anti-aging and ultimately enlightenment.

Another side benefit of this Kriya is anti-aging by increasing the mitochondria level and infusing life energy into our system, so automatically as a by-product, the Kundalini Shakti gets awakened and levitation happens. The moment Kundalini energy is awakened, layer by layer the Kundalini energy gets infused, our engrams get cleansed and the very skin will shine. Swamiji had done a thorough study for 21 days during the Inner Awakening program in December 2010. The study proved that the Kundalini process, the initiation increased the mitochondria cell energy levels of the participants up to 1,300%. Normally, the mitochondria energy dies very quickly but if this energy can be increased to that extreme level of 1,300%, it’s a straight process for anti-aging. All available known process, drugs, therapy, even yoga can only increase the mitochondria cell energy levels between 20-30%.

Another fascinating benefit – if a group of people sit in any one city or place and practice this eN-Kriya at least for 21 days and experience Kundalini awakening, even the crime rate of the city, man-made and natural calamities will drastically reduce.

Here are the 7 steps of eN-kriya:

  • 1st step – Perform Nadi Sodhana pranayama for 11 times, just to prepare yourself for the Kriya. Close the right side of the nostril with your thumb, inhale deeply through the left and when you feel full, close the left nostril and exhale through the right. Inhale again through the right nostril and exhale through the left. This step will cleanse the nadis (energy channels).
  • 2nd step – Perform Bastrika pranayama by breathing in and out like a bellows. Pull your lower abdomen in and up without lifting the shoulders. Do this step for 21 times.
  • 3rd step – Samana Kriya by inhaling as slowly as possible, hold the breath as long as possible, then exhaling as slowly as possible, hold the lungs empty without inhaling, as long as possible. These 4 actions make one cycle, do this step for 21 cycles.

The above 3 steps are the preparation for the eN Kriya. Only if you do the 3 steps, you can enter into the kriya, without this preparation, there will not be any effect.

  • 4th step – This step is the main Kriya itself. Use Shambavi Mudra -with thumbs on the ears, the 1st two fingers (index and middle) covering the eyes, the 3rd ring fingers on your nose and the little fingers touching your lips. Stop the breathing flow completely as much as you can and visualize the snake of Kundalini energy is being hit with a hammer. After you feel that you can no longer hold any more, release those 2 ring fingers, the body will automatically inhale and balance. Do this step for 21 times.
  • 5th Step – Settle your body with intense humming. The energy created has to be churned in your system, making it a part of your muscle memory. Perform Mahamantra for 7 minutes with intense humming as long as possible, as loudly as possible.
  • 6th Step – Do the Shakthi Dharana meditation for 7 times. Start by kneeling down, lift your hands up with your palms facing up to the sky. Visualize you as a vessel and intense Cosmic energy flowing through you. When you feel the fullness of the energy, bow down and rest your palms on the ground and touch your forehead on the ground.
  • 7th Step – Now sit for few minutes and visualise the blissful energy from your heart and send this loving energy and peace to the entire world.

In essence, eN-Kriya is a powerful tool for you to heal your body-mind, fulfil you spiritually, contribute to social peace, peace for the place you are living. In Vedic tradition, the purpose of the human body and mind is to experience the highest consciousness and have a conscious breakthrough, to the next level of consciousness. Human beings by their very nature are wired to experience the highest possibility. All techniques, methods, systems, practices, traditions evolved just to awaken your inner potential energy, to make your inner potential energy as actuality. eN-Kriya is one such sacred secret which can take you to the ultimate experience. Namaste 😀

Note: You can watch the guided video

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