Last week during a evening discourse, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), a living incarnation told all his disciples and devotees to pen down a list of 25 things which they were inspired by him but didn’t take action. Many devotees wrote many things but one common obstacle is laziness which prevented them from experiencing health, expansion and feeling connection with Divine.

One thing I picked up from Swamiji’s enlightened body language is this constant intense action. Literally I’ve seen him working at least 20 hours a day and he is so piped in to all the activities not only in the headquarter in India but also the entire global organization. He has such huge capacity and enthusiasm for everything which raises the human consciousness to divine consciousness. Swamiji once revealed that performance of intense action constantly evolves our system to new possibilities and new realities. He said a man of intense action does not allow patterns to grow – this is the truth based on my own experience as well.

You should be aware that laziness and tamas (inertia) is the basic ambience required for patterns to get built. For the tree to grow, certain basic ambience is required – for example, the water should neither be cold nor too hot, the soil should be right. Same way, for patterns to grow in you, the laziness and a certain kind of giving-up mood are the pre-requisite. That’s the reason why in spirituality, tiredness and laziness in the body are the first few patterns we must break free. When we constantly perform actions, by the very nature we will not build patterns. The moment the ambience of laziness happens, it creates a highly cunning space where all sorts of patterns can grow. In the name of inaction, one can become lazy and arrogant. Not only that, when you start choosing your actions, you develop a laziness pattern which creates deep suffering and psychological torture. Inaction or laziness destroys not only your mind’s capabilities, it also destroys your very body. It is important to create an ambience where you are constantly inspired towards diligence in action. It is only with intense action that we can break all the patterns and all the natural temperaments.

One great benefit of intense action is its purifying effect. Human beings have no problem in believing the effect of intense meditation, puja (ritual) or even yoga practice, but we don’t trust intense action can also purify us! Why? This is because intense action is always demanded from us only by people who are trying to exploit us. From the young age, all the people who demanded intense action from us, now our parents, boss, colleagues or even the spouse! That is why, even when a master tells you to do intense action, you hate him, thinking he is also trying to exploit you! A Master needs nothing from us. See, this constant performance actually awakens certain level of intense prana (life-energy) in you. From the moment you wake up till the moment you fall asleep, constantly being responsible, thinking, talking, acting, concentrating all your energies in one direction – that is called constant performance, the responsible performance of intense actions. It is not true that doing actions can pollute your inner space. Through intense action, you never get polluted. In fact, when you experience intense action, your whole self will become intensely pure and you will conquer all the senses and all the patterns.

If you are able to develop this attitude of being spontaneously ready for intense action, it is one of the greatest gifts you can have in your life. It means doing intense action without even struggling. In some fields, you will be spontaneously ready for intense action. For example, driving for 8 hours you are not tired and you are fresh, alive and you find it enjoyable. Sometime you may find that same spontaneous readiness in taking a stroll in the nature enjoying its flora and fauna. In the initial stage, you may struggle to discover your original spontaneous readiness for intense action, but in few days with will persistence and awareness, you will discover this new energy. In every field whether it is personal life, relationship, career, you should discover your spontaneous readiness for action. If you can find this readiness to sit in the office whole day, you will not feel stressed. Swamiji revealed that spontaneous readiness for intense action in the body level is Yoga, in the emotion level it is Bhakti (devotion), intense action in the mental level is unclutching, in the psychic level it is Siddhi (powers), in the conscious level it is enlightenment. Discovering the spontaneous readiness for intense action is enlightenment itself. The moment you discover your spontaneous readiness for intense action, you realize the self, you realize the Ultimate. Catch this! Namaste! 😀

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