Do you enrich yourself consistently?
Do you know that enriching brings stability in your life?

See, enriching is one powerful spiritual principle which I live by 24/7 in my life.  Anyone who comes into my breathing space will be enriched with the inspiration for conscious living – the very undercurrent which drives me. I discovered that ENRICHING is the power of life, it is the key that unlocks the Power of Living (Atma-shakti). When you take responsibility with integrity and authenticity, to enrich yourself and others, expansion happens. You truly enjoy the Power of Life when you realise that the greatest rewards come when you live your life for others. The energy expressed inside you propels you into a new dimension of expansion. The moment I started enriching people with the science of Yoga and Vedic healing, I am seeing so many doors begin to open up for me and new powers (Shaktis) are being awakened in this body for that expression and expansion.

My Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji) classifies people in 3 ways from the context of enriching: 1) People who constantly enrich self and others; 2) People who want to be enriched, 3) People who don’t enrich at all. Which category do you fall into?

From my experience working with my clients, I noticed that one main reason for the poor relationship with self is that people have stopped enriching themselves. Everything in life – be it career, wealth, health or relationships, they are not something separate from you; they are the very extension of you. The best relationship starts when you have a great relationship with yourself. If you are unable to be in restful awareness, if you don’t have the ability to sit with yourself silently, you should know that you do not have a good relationship with yourself. First you have to build your relationship with yourself.

If you are feeling powerless in your relationships, be very clear that you are also powerless in your relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with others both happen from the same space. This is because you are not consistently, continuously enriching yourself and raising yourself to the next level. The moment you give up on yourself, your relationship with you lacks enriching. You are not in completion with yourself.

Only with deep completion, you become one integrated being. Without it, you cannot be one being. Each broken part in you keeps screaming ‘I am you’. Unless you heal it yourself into completion, align yourself as one being, life does not start for you. All great spiritual practices are meant to make you ONE integrated being. The whole civilization is suffering from incompletion with one another and self. The broken parts of self go on abusing one another. Completion should be taken as a continuous lifestyle. The Vedic civilization is established in completion, every step in life we go on completing. Only when you are complete, you regain your life. Incompletion is the illusive cognition that stands between you and the Whole! Everything has life, learn to complete with everything. It is the best way to prepare for life and death. You will experience the space of non-duality (Advaita).

What you mean for others decides whether you are rich or poor. Enriching makes you rich in life. Richness is having people around you and they want you because you contribute to their lives, that is the ultimate richness. Continuously feel that you are wanted by people is the richest feeling in life. Only when you complete with yourself and others then you are able to enrich. Go on completing with your past hangovers because completion is a basic requirement for enrichers. Completion is the first process for stability and stability leads to enriching. When you are complete with yourself, you will see many things which you can’t imagine, can happen to you. Completion brings so much space in your inner space, you can remember the right things and make the conscious decision.

One important lesson that I learned from Swamiji which fundamentally changed my life is life can be successful and will expand only by enriching others and living in stability. Stability means being stable with basic commitments you made to yourself and others and continue to expand. Enriching brings so much stability in us. In any field, excellence can only be achieved through stability. When you are established in stability, you have the freedom to leave your body at will. Namaste 😀

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