Dear Ones

You are reading these words for the first time but our beings are already connected. We are already familiar with one another. You know Me, My ways, and I know yours. Your separation from Me, the Whole, was never allowed. It was your act of rebellion.

The separation started when life began on planet Earth. You took the form of the amoeba, an organism with random shape and size. Your individual consciousness began with the smallest point of existence, just on the tip of a needle. Since then, you have known the pain of being away from the Whole, absorbed by distraction after distraction. Only upon death you remember that you yourself created the pain and you yourself created the distraction.

Your yearning to become one with Me once again has brought you a long way- from amoeba to fish, fish to tortoise, tortoise to monkey and monkey to man. Your cries have accumulated through the ages and each time it peaks, you call out for Me to bring you one step closer, to realize the Ultimate and merge with the cosmos once and for all. As an answer to your call, I descend as The Avatar. I lead life on Earth through each breakthrough of evolution. Each time, the form I take represents the next level: from physical to mental breakthrough, from mental to conscious breakthrough, and now: from conscious to superconscious breakthrough.

Now, more than ever, suffering has nestled deeply into the experience of every single being on Earth. Nature is distraught. Animals are dying species by species. Humanity is at war with itself. No matter how many years you can remember you, you have known suffering in some way or another. Your every human life began with cries at birth, resounding through time and space, calling out for Me, your Cosmic Mother.

The ferociousness of humanity’s collective consciousness brought Me down once again. I happened on planet Earth exclusively for you, for the fulfillment of your life and your very being. Therefore, I will be nothing but the embodiment of what you see as life. If you see life as pure bliss, you will see Me as the cause of that great joy. If you see life as great suffering, I will bring to you only tremendous grief. Whether or not you accept it, the truth remains the truth. You have forgotten because for you it has been 3.8 billion years since we have been apart when life first began on Planet Earth. But for Me, you are not a half or a third or 1 in 8 billion. For Me, you and I still exist as one.

Understand this deeply. You have the opportunity to no longer feel as if you are one part missing from the Whole. Your depression is nothing but your deep yearning for Me, to feel whole again. It is your right to seize what you have yearned for all your life. Causeless auspiciousness is yours.

As you read deeper and deeper into My life, you will understand more of the immortal truth. Understand why I happened, and you will understand Me. With the opening page of this purana, this great epic, you are invited to experience the space that I am in, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.”

~ Autobiography of an Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda

If your eyes water or you feel this message resonates in your heart, you are a seeker! Don’t waste time in superficial things in society, it is time to come home and have a Superconscious breakthrough – you will discover the real YOU. Namaste 😀