Do you try to make things orderly in your life?
Do you feel comfortable with predictability?
Are you a perfectionist?

If the answer is YES to above questions, you are missing the beauty of life. See, rules are put in place in society so that we can all co-exist peacefully. But the truth is human beings are always looking for the first opportunity to break the rules. This is inherent nature of man because man is chaotic by his nature. Man is wild energy, conditioned by society. Man loves to be chaotic. As he grows, he loses this passion or rather this passion goes under covers and remains dormant which is why at the first opportunity, he is ready to let go. Actually, if you observe even the most meticulous and fastidious people get a silent kick out of breaking rules when the situation calls for it. Chaos is always exciting and energetic, orderliness is predictable and dull. That is the reason why whenever we break a rule, we feel thrilled, joyful and energetic! As long as morality is taught with fear to us as the basis, when morality is instilled in us from outside, it is only social laws. It is time we outgrow them and be able to look at them in a matured fashion.

Here’s a small story: –

In a monastery, there was a competition among disciples over who had maintained the best garden. One disciple was of a very serious nature. He took the competition quite seriously. He always kept his garden neat, clean and well-swept. All the grass was of the same height. All the bushes were neatly trimmed. He was sure that he would get the first prize.

On the day of competition, the mast went around all the gardens. Then he came back and ranked the gardens. This disciple’s garden got the lowest ranking! Everyone was shocked!
The disciple came running to the master and asked, “Master, what is wrong with my garden? Why did you rank me the lowest?”
The master smiled at him and asked, “Where are the dead leaves?!”

The morale of this story is the beauty of life lies in its chaos. There is a completion in that chaos! If we try to control life too much, you are denying the wholeness of life. If you are not able to handle the chaos of life, then you lose spontaneity, beauty, romance in your life.

For example, dancing with rules is joyful whereas regulated dancing may be pleasing to those who watch, but not as joyful to those who perform and those who train to perform. Disciple hurts and that too in dance. Just compare the energy of those dancing in a natural way with spontaneous release of emotions and inhibitions with the energy in dance with orderly movements like in the most reputed classical dance. We can clearly see the sheer enjoyment and exuberance of the performer, the classical dancer pales in comparison. When we can dance totally, our dance becomes a meditation. There will be an intense order in our chaotic dance, the order of the universe, of Existence that you can simply attain through dance itself. You don’t need to learn dance formally to dance totally. In fact, if you have learned formal dance, it is a hindrance! It will come in the way like old engraved memory and trouble you to come into its familiar order. Once this happens, you will not be total, you will be conditioned and pseudo.

The universe, also known as the macrocosm (Brahmanda) is all apparent chaos, totally out of control, without any seeming controller. However, within this apparent chaos, there is order. The stars and planets move in order, with no perceivable regulatory authority, chaos with order is Cosmic Intelligence. Science has yet to find out the source of this order. Universe is not just power, it is power combined with intelligence, which is energy. Energy is nothing but intelligence and the whole of Existence is nothing but pure energy. As a part of this Universe, we are part of its potential and part of its chaos and order. When we try to be in control of us and others, when we try to be perfect, we violate this Cosmic order. Be very clear, perfectionist is a sickness, it leads to madness. Orderly people tend to inflate their ego and suffer through perfectionism. We try to maintain order because we believe we have boundaries. If we are able to let go of our boundaries and the need for order will disappear, simply joy will appear.

In essence, the beauty of life comes from the orderliness of the chaos which has filled man with wonder, made poets sing with joy and painters draw and mystics go deep into themselves. We are a part of a grand creation and in that safest hands of the Ultimate Intelligence, we will be utterly relaxed and be able to live to our complete potential and enjoy life to the fullest. We will be able to achieve anything we want but minus the stress that arises from fear and greed. The truth is the universe responds to the state of our being and awareness. When we realize the Cosmic Consciousness within us, we will discover the order that is inherent in us, without doing ourselves harm. We will accept ourselves as we are and others as they are. When we experience the order in the cosmic chaos, we experience bliss; when we realize the chaos within us as order, we exude compassion, that compassion surely will lead us to enlightenment. Namaste 😀

Note: Source is from ‘Bliss is the path and the goal’ & ‘108 New-clear bombs’ by Paramahamsa Nithyananda