Are you confused by the plethora of types of Yoga out there?
How can you tell which is the authentic Yoga?

It was my sincere seeking which had led me to discover the Source of Yoga and for the first time I felt everything I’ve learned is coming together. I would like to share some of the fundamental discoveries I’ve made.

  • Bhagavan Sadashiva (Cosmic Super Consciousness) created the whole Universe from His third eye. According to Hinduism, the third eye is located at the center of the forehead, it is the seat of our will – conscious will. The will of pure consciousness, of Sadashiva, is the most powerful will of all, that leads to the manifestation of the whole universe. This is the scripture – Netra Tantra, He describes the creation process.

“In Me dwell the three playful abodes of the Sun, Mon and Fire. In the play and projection of My Magnificent Third Eye, Trinetra Kaplana is the substance of these three. I create, sustain and destroy the Universe.”
“The Eye, SEE of both duality and non-duality, the destroyer of blinding darkness (of ignorance), the Oneness, Soul and Source of all the three sacred abodes (dhama-traya), of that every auspicious Sadashiva’s Netra-anugraha, the Grace that showers liberation – the whole Universe here becomes manifest and visible.”

  • Sadashiva made Yoga as a way to experience Him, the Ultimate through our body. It is a perfect mechanism of Oneness – experience yourself within anything and everything in the Cosmos just as you experience yourself inside your body. There are 14 planes, 11 dimensions, the whole Brahmanda, all of them function on 1 principle – principle of Oneness – this is the Cosmic currency which allows one to travel to different planes and dimensions. As a by-product of the state of Oneness, we manifest Shaktis (powers).
  • From the very beginning, Yoga’s purpose was to manifest Shaktis. The whole yoga tradition and lifestyle was founded by this science of manifesting shaktis. Throughout the Hindu history, after the revelation of Yoga by Sadashiva Himself, great yogis and sadhus practiced Yoga to acquire the best physique and physiology to manifest the state and powers of Sadashiva. This is known as authentic Yoga.
  • Nithyananda Yoga is the revival of THE original Yoga, it has been revealed and gifted to the world by Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda as per the intention of Sadashiva, not as a mere physical exercise but a clear path to manifest Yogic powers. Nithyananda Yoga is all about experiencing, expressing and manifesting the state, space, powers and glory of Sadashiva!
  • For most Yogis around the world, enlightened master Patanjali is regarded as the Father of Yoga. He presented a system called Ashtanga Yoga, comprising 8 dimensions of Yoga approximately 3000 years ago. Little did we know that Yoga was revealed in detailed by Sadashiva, the first and foremost Guru (AdiGuru), in a system He revealed as Shashtanga Yoga, over 60,000 years before Patanjali!
  • Sadashiva reveals Shashtanga Yoga in the Kirana Agama (Yoga Pada 2.3), one of the original authentic scripture on Yoga:

“It is to be known that there are six limbs of Yoga. Now listen to those various subservient parts of Yogic practice – Pratyahara, Dhyana, Pranayama, Dharana, Asana and Samadhi – are the six constituents of the Yoga system.”

  • The three truths about Yoga you need to know: 1) Yoga originated from Sadashiva, 2) Yoga is from Hinduism, 3) Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment. Through the practice of Yoga, one can attain beneficent accomplishments. He can attain liberation, He can ascend to the state of ineffable bliss. Yoga is not just the ability to stretch your body, it is the ability to manifest what you want. Yoga is not all about making you a better man, Yoga is all about making you a Superman.
  • As long as we carry inadequate, immature cognitions about ourselves, about life, others, God and the world, we continue to feel separate from the Whole. When we complete with all our limited cognitions and discover our true Self, Yoga happens. Ultimately, Yoga is for awakening of Kundalini Shakti, awakening inner powers and merging the individual consciousness with the Cosmic Consciousness. It is designed to experience Oneness (Advaita) and express all the mystical powers outlined by Sadashiva in Agama.

“Just as the Lord of serpents is the support of the earth, with all her forests and mountains, similarly, Kundalini forms the very substratum of the entire science of Yoga.”

  • Nithyananda Yoga is not just the practice of Yoga, it is an initiation into Yoga by a living Avatar of Sadashiva – Paramahamsa Nithyananda. As the embodiment of Sadashiva, He has the capacity to infuse Cosmic energy to everybody and raise us to His frequency. This process is called Shaktinipaata. It is the power to entangle with His Consciousness from the context of Oneness. Shaktinipaata that happens in the master’s physical presence directly tunes our body and mind to super consciousness and transforms our DNA to manifest the divine powers, known as the Shaktis, of Sadashiva. The practice of Nithyananda Yoga effectively prepares the body to sustain the energy of the initiation of the master and radiate Shaktis. The result is a perfect, healthy, yogic body radiating Shaktis, grace and glory of Sadashiva.
  • This whole science is from Yoga Pada of Sadashiva, which is Shakti, not Siddhis. It is not the Siddhis described by Patanjali, in Yoga Sutras. The methods of Ashtanga Yoga are different from the methodology of Shashtanga Yoga. In Shastanga Yoga of Sadashiva, the very basis, context and understanding is different and the way we begin the journey is also different, the way we manifest the powers is different.
  • Time and again, traditional Yogic scriptures stressed the importance of the Guru on the path to achieve the Ultimate experience of Yoga. The Grace of the Guru is essential.

“When prana is brought under one’s control, crystal-like will the body be, and young despite years. When Guru’s grace provides the light, in the subtle spheres, the blessed souls will move.”

“When the dormant Kundalini gets aroused by the grace of Guru, then alone all the padmas (lotuses – Chakras) and the granthis (knots) get pierced.”

  • All scriptures, all literature and all methods of teachings can only inspire you, they cannot give you the Ultimate experience. Experience can light a lamp, same way Jeevan Mukthi (liberation) can be transmitted only from a burning lamp. It is transmitted only from a living body to another living body. If that body has to catch Jeevan Mukthi fire, it has to catch from a same material source which is living enlightenment from this plane, from flesh and bone. Be very clear, any master who left the body cannot give you living enlightenment, he can only give you inspiration – some glimpses but if he wants to give you Jeevan Mukthi, he will have to guide you to a living master who is in the physical body. That is why still that need of a living master is not replaced at all when the whole thing started by Sadashiva millions of years ago.
  • Shaktipata is the process of entanglement where the disciple can start reflecting the master’s neurons. It is the highest form of spiritual process in the master’s presence. The first thing you will experience – increasing the viscosity of bliss, increasing the depth and presence and intensity of the bliss in you, so that automatically breaks the Pitta layer, Delusion layer. Shaktipata should be happening constantly in your system by the sweet Leela Dhyana, a sweet remembrance. So, every Nithyananda Yoga class, cleansing technique, every action instructed by Sadashiva is the opportunity to entangle with the Cosmos and the Guru.
  • Nithyananda Yoga is not a lifestyle for health but a lifestyle to build ‘superhuman’ Yogic physiology, experience exuberant bliss and manifest extraordinary powers and possibilities. It offers a life beyond what we think is possible. It is a complete system to evolve the body, mind and spirit from Human to Superhuman. It is a science to live and experience Advaita (the state of Oneness ) and to express extraordinary powers. Nithyananda Yoga is a continuous happening where every single moment of life is Yoga with Sadashiva.

In essence, from my own experience, the importance of returning to the Source of Yoga knowledge cannot be underestimated if you are truly seeking for the Ultimate experience to happen. Namaste 😀