Do you know that you are a part of the Universe?
Are you aware that your Soul comes from the Source – the Super Consciousness (also known as Sadashiva in Sanskrit)?

I was born in a Taoist family where deities worshop was common but I never really developed any feeling connection with the family deities. During my Secondary school, I gave Christianity a go by opting for Bible study as a subject to understand the teaching. Nothing clicked with my being during that 1-year of Bible study, everything appeared as a vague faded memory, it seemed that my heart somehow knew more than my mind. It was only when I started my journey of seeking triggered by my passion for Science of Yoga that I was led to discover the amazingly open architecture of Hindusim. Yoga is rooted in Hinduism – the source is from Vedic tradition and culture. The path of Yoga is an independent intelligence which can lead the sincere seekers back to its Source. Not only I was able to find answers to all my burning questions coming from my intellectual mind, I was also able to experience the space of completion (poornatva) and the infinite possibilities as pure consciousness. I just know I am at HOME, the space of truth – the reality as it is.

Since time immemorial, the rishis (Hindu sages or saints) of Vedic tradition heard the truth from the Source and compiled these revelations in the sacred scriptures known as Upanishad. The first Shanti mantra (peace chant) in IsaVasya Upanishad describes the introduction of YOU to you:

Om poornamadah poornamidam
Poornaat poornamudachyate
Poornasya poornamaadaaya

From the Whole came the Whole.
If you remove the Whole from the Whole,
only the Whole remains.

What really attracts me is how the Vedic tradition is such a peace-centred religion as it always starts with peace of Ahimsa (non-violence) and ends in peace. The Vedic tradition insists that we should always be for the peace of the Universe and knowledge should increase the frequency of peace of the Universe, not for violence or destruction. It is so healing and so comforting to know of my intrinsic Wholeness and I can find my way back to the Source.

This Shanti mantra says that the whole Cosmos resonates with completion.  This peace chant clearly establishes the truth that our inner space is the reflection of the space of the Source, the Whole (Sadashiva). That is why even when we think we are removed from the Whole, we remain Whole. There was never a time we were not Whole, all human beings are born in the space of completion – Wholeness. We are already enlightened by our true nature.

The Sanskrit word ‘poornatva’ means ‘the state of completion’. Completion is the state which leaves nothing left to be desired, either in the inner world or in the outer world. When you get back to the space of completion, there is no space for fear, greed, anger, doubt, envy or any of the hundreds of low-energy emotions and conflicts you create for yourself. Completion is an unclouded inner space. In such a pure space, irrespective of what is happening in the outer world, completion alone remains. Completion is a state of positive choicelessness.

If we are already Whole as stated by the Vedic scriptures, then how did we interrupt the space of completion?

The space of completion gets interrupted the moment we develop the root pattern. What is root pattern? The first attack of any strong emotion happening in you and imbalancing your whole cognition, imbalancing your whole cognition, giving birth to your mind, the pattern you developed from that moment, is “root-pattern”. It can be anything as simple as your mother did not give you the cake but gave it to your brother or as traumatic as a physical abuse! It may be as simple as your mother making you sit on the dining table so that you will not run around and create a mess; or your brother beat you up; or you tried your best but failed in your exam. But when powerlessness takes you over for the first time in your life, and your cognition is imbalanced, the mind is born, the pattern which you develop at that time is “root-pattern”. That is the root on which the mind is born.

When you start identifying and aligning yourself with certain happenings and rejecting others from the wrong ideas inserted by the society, when you start the game of accepting and rejecting, your experience of life becomes fragmented. By and by, we mess up the original space of completion by creating illusions (maya) due to incompletions and mental patterns (samskara) when we start to experience pain or suffering that makes us move away from the right understanding of our very Wholeness. We begin to question self, others and life based on the doubts. This means we have befriended the greatest enemy of consciousness – Maya (illusions) because of a lack of trust in Cosmos. Here starts a life of pain, suffering and non-fulfilment as we have forgotten our original space of completion.

How can we get back to the space of completion?

  • Start by releasing all your emotions and drop all wrong cognitions given by society in the past in any birth using Poornatva (Science of Completion). This is the first process of cleansing the inner space from the dust it accumulated from the past hangovers by reliving the past incidents and relieving yourself from the past consciously.
  • Align yourself back to 4 tattwas (spiritual principles) of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching with new cognitions.
  • With a powerful space of completion, declare your intention with integrity
  • Bring authenticity by visualizing your declaration becoming a reality from the space of completion
  • Take responsibility for self and others as a matured Being by asking ‘how can I do it?’ not from the cognition of ‘why me?”
  • Enrich the world by sharing the truth and experiences of Vedic Science

In essence, we are already Whole because we were born from the same ultimate space of completion. It is maya (illusions) which tells you otherwise and creates doubts in you. If you can start living with the right cognitions rooted from Advaita (non-duality) and complete from the past memories, you will again experience poornatva – your original state of completion and powerfulness. Namaste 😀