Can you imagine your child becoming a super human where he or she starts manifesting extraordinary powers?
Will you give your child the possibility of having an extraordinary existence?
How much are you willing to go beyond your fears, family objections and societal obligations?

For the last 3 months I have been enriching numerous parents across countries about the higher possibilities that we can give to children in a 10-day program called Nithyanandam for NewGen. It is a unique program to manifest extraordinary powers (shaktis) where children will be undergoing an intense 10-day of entangling with the best muscle memory and bio memory of Nithyananda Gurukul balasanths (child-saints) and initiation (deeksha) by a living incarnation (avatar), Paramahamsa Nithyananda, (fondly known as Swamiji).

The knowledge and science of manifesting shaktis (powers) are rooted from Sanatana Hindu Dharma where the science of enlightenment and manifesting powers was taught and lived as a lifestyle. This sacred knowledge and science of manifesting powers was passed on from one generation to the next by the enlightened masters and avatars for thousands of years. Swamiji is the current living avatar whose advent is to create a breakthrough from humans to the super humans.

Why manifest powers? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Swamiji explains it beautifully – ‘Deciding to be one with the original Source which is you even if you don’t understand is manifesting powers’. The first principle of manifesting powers is – it happens from Sadashivatva (state of Super consciousness), it can never feed one’s ego. When you manifest powers, naturally you also manifest the state and the space of Sadashiva (Super consciousness) starts manifesting in you. Actually when you manifest powers, the frequency of your integrity increases and the truth in your integrity, the trust in your authenticity increases. Hence, the more powers manifestation, the more egoless you will be. The second principle of powers manifestation is – Shaktis always come with buddhi (intelligence) to handle changes – it means more power manifestation, more integrity, greater joy and health, children will experience more restful awareness and bliss.

Wouldn’t this be the best gift one can give to a child?

To awaken the shaktis, the first breakthrough he caused was the awakening of third eye or Ajna chakra. You may be aware that third eye is the seat of all yogic powers and intelligence, it is command center for the being who receives instructions from Super consciousness. Once activated, it gives the individual power of clairvoyance, ability to control & influence forces of nature as well as his own lower dispositions. An awakened third eye means ‘conscious seeing’, your personal door to the Cosmos, you become a bridge between physical and mystical worlds. It can also destroy Karmic patterns and incompletions. The Secret of omnipresence and miracles become your lifestyle.

The advanced powers such as power of LENGTH (ability to know anything related to logic) and BREADTH (ability to express creativity in all forms of art). That means your child will be liberated from the stress in complex problem solving of mathematics and science as well as he or she will be able to express creativity in all art forms.

We are in the juncture of a major consciousness breakthrough, as parents we can become the change agents for raising the collective consciousness on planet earth. If we are able to support the kids in experiencing the ultimate possibility of feeling oneness with the Source, the world will be such a beautiful place. The kids will grow up to be powerful beings – both in the inner world and outer world, contributing in many aspects of humanity. For any breakthrough, there will always be resistance from the old order. Let’s not let the ignorance, fears and social pressure get in the way of this auspicious  happening. Many parents are very much trapped in the societal conditioning of job commitment, family obligations as well as their own perceived impossibility due to past incompletions and mental patterns. Fundamentally, we have to decide if we want our child live a mediocre life or a life of huge possibilities. All it takes is to have this cognitive shift from the depth of your core to be a part of this grand super consciousness breakthrough. Namaste. 😀

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