Two weeks ago, I was away in India, Bengaluru adheenam (monastery) with my son to attend a 10-day meditation workshop called ‘Nithyanandam for NewGen’, a program designed for children and youth age 8-21 years old to awaken their higher possibilities and manifest powers (Shaktis). I was there as a parent volunteer together with a group of children and parents from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In the first 3 days of the program, all the children were guided to complete with the past hangovers such as non-integrity with the words they gave to themselves and others, inauthenticity in stretching themselves to higher possibilities, the pain memories and irresponsibility using the Science of Completion (Poornatva). To manifest powers, kids must be in the space of completion with self, others and life. While facilitating the completion process with the children, I realized how the original pure inner space of children got tainted by the conditioning and judgments of unconscious parents and society. With incompletions, children became opinionated, powerless and arrogant that they experienced emotional breakdown and mood swings. It was literally churning the dust out of their inner space.

As parent volunteers, we were there to hold a space of possibilities for these children to complete from their incompletions or powerlessness. One child went into a withdrawal mode and refused to engage with the process and started to cry. He had resistance in opening up his past fears and pain in the completion process. In such situation, the right context of the completion process had to be given to him so that he began to cooperate in the completion of his past hangovers. Many kids tried to hide what they wrote in the notebook as they didn’t want to share their past with the group. But when they were reminded that hiding the past was tantamount to keeping the incompletions, the suffering would perpetuate and a lack of integrity to the purpose of completion. Finally one by one decdied to align to authenticity in their sharing. Parents witnessed their own incompletions while facilitating the process with the children, they too found completion in the journey of healing and completion. One parent from Hong Kong, whom I guided in completing her root pattern of abandonment, told me she felt so much lighter after the completion. Another parent, who struggled with the root patterns of anger and lack of trust, by the 8th Day, she was ready to complete with them and I could see a shift in her inner space of powerlessness to powerfulness.

Upon the completion of their past, the children were initiated into various powers by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living Avatar (fondly known as Swamiji) such as third eye awakening, body scanning, remote vision in house scanning as well as moving objects using third eye power. These Shaktis originally revealed in the Vedas-Agamas, the source books of Hinduism, the source of Cosmic Laws itself stand by their own independent authority as scriptural proofs. Through the initiation (deeksha) or touch of Swamiji, an enlightened Guru, these powers expressed as a side-effect of their feeling connection and integrity with the Divine, from the space of Oneness with the Divine (Sadashiva), the original source of all Cosmic sciences. In that entanglement with the Source, they started expressing the powers of Sadashiva, in the space of Oneness. Powers include third eye blindfold reading and reading through different energized alchemy products like a Banyan tree leaf, mirror, kavi cloth (saffron cloth), yantra (a geometric diagram) and granite slab (known as krista shila).

At the end of the program, almost 90% of children were able to play with at least one power, while many kids manifested at least 2 or 3 powers. We’ve seen that an ability to manifest powers actually boosts a child’s confidence tremendously. Many kids were so thrilled when they first rolled a coconut off the hand of a partner. Rolling coconut or a water bottle is the power of moving matter using the awakened third eye. Another amazing benefit of manifesting powers is whenever children manifest the power of third eye in the conscious seeing, their intuition increases tremendously such that they will learn to trust the third eye and download information or answers to their problems in studies and life. They no longer need to struggle in their studies and get stressed by exam fears.

Frankly the possibilities of these kids are endless because what they are manifesting right now is only the tip of an iceberg, meaning the initial level of powers manifestation. In Vedagamas, Sadashiva clearly stated that there are 463 powers that can be explored. One thing for sure, these kids will be playing with new powers and enriching their family and friends about their experiences in manifesting powers and how it enhances their quality of their consciousness and life.

With this program, I can envision is a bright future where many awakened children who are going to be the change agents of a new order in learning, paving the way for an enlightened civilization. The vision of Swamiji is to create a new species of divine beings on planet earth whose DNA structure is totally different from common men. This new species is here to cause a major shift in collective consciousness in humanity. If you are inspired by this change, come and be a part of this auspicious explosion in consciousness. Namaste 😀

Note – if you are keen to find out more about Nithyanandam for New Gen, click this link.