What you need to know about Desire


Do you know that desire is actually an energy?
How do you handle the desire energy?
Is it wrong to have desires?

Desire is one of the major driving forces in human life. It is the energy of desires that makes us get up from the bed daily to run our life. Most of the time we are driven by either desire or fear – our likes and dislikes come from desire. As a result, we have so many desires, quite often we feel we don’t have enough energy to fulfil all our desires.

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Be Your Own Boss

I became my own boss in year 2009 after having left my corporate life for good. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made to reclaim my freedom as a conscious being. Running aimlessly in the rat race and selling my life for money may have given me the outer world success and wealth but spiritually I was not fulfilled as a Being.

This conscious decision happened after 2.5 years the moment my individual consciousness was awakened by the initiation as a disciple of a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). With constant inspirations from him and understanding of Vedic truths, I finally summoned the courage to change my life the way I always want to live – having the freedom to spend time in deepening my spiritual growth, time for exploring Vedic sciences and time for my family. No more serving of egos in the corporate jungle and a return to living the basic spiritual principles of integrity and authenticity of ‘Who I am’ was such a refreshing change from the amount of cunningness, greed and fear in the corporate world.

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Be a space holder for your child’s possibilities

Would you encourage your child to explore the innate intelligence and extraordinary powers?

It saddens me when I see many parents who are terrified of the unknown and their child’s higher possibilities due to their own ignorance that they stop their child/children from the process of self-discovery.

Here’s a true story.

A young girl who is suffering from a lot pressure and stress from parents, schools and peers, she has started to develop certain developmental difficulties as she becomes withdrawn and lacks self confidence. Literally she is like a little bird caged by the conditioning of parents, society and the educational system. When she came to have a private tuition session with a disciple of my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), they decided to play and casually explore the power of third eye even though she was not initiated by Swamiji. The devotee was able to hold a powerful space of possibilities for her to discover her innate intelligence and powers. She was able to read blindfolded just by entangling with an initiated disciple of Swamiji. That’s amazing phenomenon.

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