I became my own boss in year 2009 after having left my corporate life for good. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made to reclaim my freedom as a conscious being. Running aimlessly in the rat race and selling my life for money may have given me the outer world success and wealth but spiritually I was not fulfilled as a Being.

This conscious decision happened after 2.5 years the moment my individual consciousness was awakened by the initiation as a disciple of a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). With constant inspirations from him and understanding of Vedic truths, I finally summoned the courage to change my life the way I always want to live – having the freedom to spend time in deepening my spiritual growth, time for exploring Vedic sciences and time for my family. No more serving of egos in the corporate jungle and a return to living the basic spiritual principles of integrity and authenticity of ‘Who I am’ was such a refreshing change from the amount of cunningness, greed and fear in the corporate world.

For the last 7 years, I have undergone so much expansions which, otherwise, wouldn’t have been possible if I remained as a working executive. Those wrong cognitions and thought patterns about money, security and fear of failures were totally shattered in this transformation. The whole experience was a conscious alignment of my purpose of birth and I learned that integrity is to be very clear about what I want to do and bring LIFE into it. I also become healthier, younger, more blissful and the most fundamental cognitive shift is the way I perceive Self, World, Universe and God (Goddel). With Guru’s grace, I am now established in the space of Oneness (Sadashivatva) with the Source (Sadashiva), I am beyond the clutches of the maya matrix (illusions). From the space of Oneness, whatever I express is the flow of life energy through this body-mind-consciousness and manifest shaktis (powers) to create new possibilities. That’s the alchemy of a living avatar if you allow him to guide you.

During Sadashivoham, the 21-day yoga and spiritual retreat in last December, Swamiji shared this mind-blowing truth with all the participants –‘My disciples have to be boss for themselves. Your day managed by somebody else is a crime against your consciousness. I have awakened enough intelligence in you to make you generate money in the matrix world by using cosmic currency. Matrix money is too cheap to be paid by LIFE.

This gave me so much strength and affirmation of my decision to take the untrodden path even though it comes with so much uncertainty. The ability to handle and live with insecurity is now a part of my new bio memory!

After my return from the 3-month Nithyananda Yogam program at Swamiji’s Home in Bengaluru adheenam, one bubbling inspiration I constantly received was to expand my physical energy circuit – by reproducing more spiritual entrepreneurs like me, helping the aspirants to become their own boss sharing with them the knowledge, experiences and making them successful as well. That would bring so much fulfilment!

Two weeks ago, I started working on the content of spiritual entrepreneurs coaching module and everything just flowed effortlessly. To me, this process is going to be a spiritual expansion for individuals who seriously want to live their authentic life purpose.

I created a space with three desired outcomes I intended:-
Never will the aspirants have to sell their life for matrix currency
• Never will they be trapped in powerlessness of financial poverty
• Never will they not be able to upgrade themselves spiritually whenever Swamiji calls them

This coaching module comprises 3 processes of self-discovery, alignment to one’s life purpose with integrity, authenticity followed by taking full responsibility to manifest a new reality in enriching the world with the gift each individual comes down with!

Last Saturday, I had the first session with a group of 3 aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs, the initial feedback I received from them were very positive and encouraging. They felt that the process was very structured and it provided them with a clarity how to get started in uncovering their true purpose of birth and the expression of their gift. They will be going through the remaining 2 processes in coming weeks, it would be fascinating to witness their expansion at various levels. Like a mother, I am creating a whole new space of possibilities and eagerly waiting to see how her children explore and reinvent themselves. The second batch, which is starting next week, is already full booked.

This new expansion is something I am giving my time, energy and life to, from the pure space of enriching. Where will it lead me to? I have no answer. That’s the beauty of it! No answer is the best answer because my mind can never fathom the infinite possibility of Cosmos. I just let Cosmos flow through me the way it wants to radiate through this Being. Namaste 😀

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