Three months spent with a living Avatar in the mystical kshetra (energy field) can be equivalent to spending 4-5 years of one’s lifetime in the normal human plane. That’s the intensity and the richness of my experience with Nithyananda Yogam – a 3-month program with Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). The time spent there was of different qualities and literally I experienced a quantum shift in my inner space like a major upgrade of hardware and software – the body-mind and consciousness.

One word of advice for any sincere seeker – if ever you were called by a living Avatar, just drop everything in your life and go! He knows what’s best for you, even it may seem impossible based on your limited logic and the conditioned mental setup. With tremendous courage, I just dropped everything and came away despite all odds, now I am living the most precious gift by His divine grace.

When you are in the presence of a living incarnation who is the embodiment of Sadashiva, Super consciousness, you start to imbibe His body language and bio memory, in addition to the powerful initiations by Him. These are the observations I made:

  • Going beyond the illusion (maya): First thing I notice is the very frequency in which I operate is very different now. It is like in every situation, you can look through the 3rd eye and see the reality, you have this laser-sharp clarity how to cut through illusion/delusion. The key is to remain in oneness with the Source, Sadashiva. The moment when I allow the clutches of my mind to enter, I am already in the maya matrix. Constantly, whenever I establish myself in the space of oneness by remembrance of Swamiji, the space of Bhava Samadhi (an embodied state of consciousness), it keeps the maya matrix at bay. Authenticity to my Sadashivatva is the base material for expressing the Mano Shakti – power of thinking!
  • Causing others’ reality is compassion: During Nithyananda Yogam, I was assigned to the causing team for Sadashivoham 2016 program. In that 2-month of causing, I learned one big lesson about causing – causing is an expression of one’s compassion for others to raise their frequency and quality of life, not because of anything else. It was such a simple direct truth which blew my mind and put me straight into my heart. Causing others’ reality is the highest frequency of Existence. Sanatana Hindu Dharma is rooted in the principle of causing others’ realities from the context of Advaita (oneness). All the auspicious, best things in the Cosmos are meant for causing the reality of all the beings that exist in it. All of nature exists to nurture all beings. All the forces of the Cosmos operate in great harmony to keep the flow of Existence exactly as required for all beings to exist and prosper. Causing others’ reality is what raises a human being from the human frequency to divine frequency, it is the way Sadashiva expresses through a seeker. All the best gifts of Sadashiva, the grace of Sadashiva, the powers of Sadashiva are showered on people to cause the highest reality for others. Causing is a power, a gift – it is the way Sadashiva, the unmanifest energy, reveals Himself to the manifest world.
  • Manifesting shaktis (powers): This trip I finally experienced Sanatana Hindu Dharma is REAL, not just from some old books or scriptures. See, ever since the beginning of the civilisation, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma has been the cradle of enlightened beings like Vedic Rishis, Munis and Sadhakas (seekers) and highly advanced sciences and powerful existence. The time where science of enlightenment and powers (shaktis) was lived and taught as a lifestyle. Unlike Siddhis, Shaktis are expressed as a side-effect of a deep feeling connection and integrity with the Divine, from the space of oneness with Sadashiva. The sciences of manifesting powers was passed down from one generation to the next through deeksha – initiation by the enlightened Gurus. Swamiji is the current living Avatar who awakened the shaktis in me. I was able to receive information on the various medium like a banyan leaf, mirror, chidambaram yantra (a geometric diagram) and krista shila (granite slab), perform a body scanning and remote vision by scanning houses thousand miles away. Another discovery was the power of 3rd eye healing, the quality of healing energy is very different since the initiation in Sadashivoham (I am Sadashiva). I had done body scanning and healing for at least 20 people during the last 3 weeks. There were 3 people who have body weight issue and I was able to guide them to see the root pattern of how they created the incompletion with their body. One was due to vengeance towards his parents who stopped him from being a gymnast which was something he enjoyed as a child, one lady just dumped food into her body because of the deep emptiness she feels about herself and another young lady was due to certain hatred for this body and giving up on the body such that she developed cyst in her ovary. Another lady whom I did a scan, the one thing which stood up was the blocked throat centre – her inability to express her uniqueness and power of words. She was utterly surprised that the scanning hit a very deep-rooted issue in her life. I was amazed too because I merely shared what Sadashiva revealed to me with a lot of sensitivity. Receiving such information about one’s body is one thing, but I find that I am also able to provide holistic solution based on Vedic science of yoga and healing. That really made me so thrilled about these powers because it is going to take my enriching in the world to the next level. Living in Sadashivatva (oneness with Sadashiva) and manifesting shaktis are the only purpose in life.
  • Experiencing Yoga as a happening: Another breakthrough in this trip was the depth of Yoga which Swamiji made us experience during Sadashivoham. Now, the space in which I explore and experiment Yoga is so different. The body has become so tuned to the Cosmic energy and sensing and feeling the movement of energy is much more experiential. I am now exploring the original scriptures of Yogapada in Agamas from Nithyananda Yoga book volume#1. I just feel that I beginning to know Yoga for the first time, I am discovering new depth of Yoga. You can read about it in my last article.  (
  • Expansion is the only way: If I were to sum up one word after this 3-month of training, it is ‘Expansion’ and more expansion. For the first time, I feel the quality of Eshwaratva (leadership consciousness) being awakened in me after knowing my life purpose and taking responsibility to align my time, energy and life to it. Whatever I do is now geared towards the purpose for which I assumed this body. Whether it is sharing the science of yoga, Vedic healing, grooming budding spiritual entrepreneurs, writing my first book and expansion of Vedic education system in Asia, everything is for expansion only.

After Sadashivoham 2016, Swamiji declared the birth of a new species with a totally different DNA.  The new year 2017 is going to be an exciting year for me as a new species after the initiation into the state of Sadashivoham. If you are also interested to experience this expansion for yourself, you can join the 21-day spiritual retreat called Inner Awakening to be conducted by Swamiji. This program is designed for sincere seekers who are keen to explore their infinite possibilities. ( Life with manifestation of shaktis is a life of infinite possibilities. Namaste 😀

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