Science of Third Eye Awakening

I just got back yesterday from a whirlwind trip in Varanasi, the ancient powerful energy field of many enlightened masters, to attend a 7-day Shivoham Inner Awakening program in the presence of an enlightened master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). The primary focus of this program was to awaken the third eye or Agna chakra. Varanasi literally means the space between two brows and nose i.e. the third eye!

The most exciting happening I can say is that the world just witnessed a new spiritual shift in Varanasi because a whole new realm of third eye awakening initiation done for the first time in history of humankind to a large group of people (over 600 people). The result has been phenomenal – 100% success rate for children who are now read double blindfolded and even some adults for the first time. For children, the effect of awakening is relatively faster because they have less patterns and incompletions which hinder the awakening process. For adults, it requires slightly more time for us to melt down some of patterns of the self-doubt, self hatred and self denial (SDHD).

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Varanasi – The City of Living and Leaving

I am not able to contain my tremendous excitement that for the first time, I shall be going on a 7-day Yathra to Varanasi with my 70 y.o. mother! To understand my excitement, you have to know the origin of Varanasi and its spiritual significance for seekers.

So what is a Yathra?

“Yathra” means travelling to a place which puts one in a highest state, in another words, it is about going to a place which gets you back to your own space called Kshetra. Kshetra is a place which stands for certain spiritual energy, certain ideology. The concept of Yathra is unique to Hinduism because way before any religion had invented any pilgrimage, Hindus were doing pilgrimage more than 10,000 years ago. Hindus go to the energy fields to experience and strengthen their seeking. Yathra is the fabric of India which is enlightenment.

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Something to Contemplate on


It’s Friday, here are something for you to contemplate on this weekend. Enjoy. 😀 Discover Peace Your being, your consciousness is by itself pure. It has just been covered by your social conditioning. Contemplate – You are continuously on the move in your life. Spare a few minutes of silence every morning when you wake up and discover a new sense of peace. Flow like a River We are born like a flowing river. But through the years, we become frozen, we stop flowing and become like a block of ice. The process of melting this block of ice back into a river is meditation.

Contemplate – Why do you continue to remain hard? Why is your body-mind so cold? Why is it like a block of ice? Sit down in a relaxed posture and feel yourself melting. Feel all of your conditioning and your ego melting away. See that all the stress, all the pressure which you face in your daily life melting away. Just visualize the whole thing melting and yourself melting away. Finally, when this feeling rises to its peak, the ice has melted, you have once again become a flowing river.

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