It’s Friday, here are something for you to contemplate on this weekend. Enjoy. 😀 Discover Peace Your being, your consciousness is by itself pure. It has just been covered by your social conditioning. Contemplate – You are continuously on the move in your life. Spare a few minutes of silence every morning when you wake up and discover a new sense of peace. Flow like a River We are born like a flowing river. But through the years, we become frozen, we stop flowing and become like a block of ice. The process of melting this block of ice back into a river is meditation.

Contemplate – Why do you continue to remain hard? Why is your body-mind so cold? Why is it like a block of ice? Sit down in a relaxed posture and feel yourself melting. Feel all of your conditioning and your ego melting away. See that all the stress, all the pressure which you face in your daily life melting away. Just visualize the whole thing melting and yourself melting away. Finally, when this feeling rises to its peak, the ice has melted, you have once again become a flowing river.

Bring contentment with what we have Your desires, your worries are simply small specks marring your consciousness. They form a ring around your being preventing you from good health, good relationship and everything good.

Contemplate – We go on desiring for everything in the world which we don’t have. These desires mar our true shinny nature. If we experience contentment with all that there is, even an ordinary wife will look extraordinary like a goddess.

Live in the moment One year for us could simply feel like a split second for enlightened beings. They have very few thoughts and therefore time flies for them.

Contemplate – When we are with a boring person, even a minute will seem like hours whereas when we are talking to a fun person, laughing and enjoying ourselves and living in the present moment, time seems to fly by. Don’t keep thinking of what happened yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow. Live in the moment and every situation will seem like the time of your life!

Feel the Oneness with the Whole You think that enlightened masters are all separate energies and are each giving their own messages to the world. But what you don’t understand is that they are all the same energy, the same light bouncing from the Cosmos off their bodies. Contemplate – We are living every day, every minute in separation, feeling ‘I am separate from you’ and ‘You are separate from me’. See the whole world as whole. Let there be a deep strong connection between you and everything else. Through this, in exuberant love, directed at no one or nothing, a love completely undirected will take over your whole being.

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