When a soul takes a human body and lands on planet earth in a meditative state, that pure state of awareness is a space of unimaginable unlimited possibilities which is beyond the comprehension of our limited human mind. That space is the space of a child. As children are the embodiment of life itself, they are always so full of life, filled with creativity, new possibilities and joy. If parents are able to hold a conducive space of possibilities for their children to flower into spiritual beings, they will become the awakened ones.

Having worked with children since 2010 and experienced the space of a child, I am able to relate with children from their space. In their space, literally I can feel what they experience with their parents.

One recent incident happened last weekend, I was assisting a teacher together with a group of children working on the reading using the power of 3rd eye. One boy, who sat next to me, was very curious and he was being helpful by passing the book to the teacher, he started to come near to the teacher who was working on another child. Despite telling the children many times that they should not come too near them, their enthusiasm was such that they just forgot about the instruction. The parent of this boy saw that his son was not listening, he just came from behind and pulled his left arm abruptly by force. Immediately I felt that violence in that child’s space and he withdrew from his pure space into the space of a spoilt child filled with anger and tears of frustration.

Another incident I witnessed a month ago, a father, who carried certain incompletions, was so impatient in explaining to his child about the situation, he started shouting in a loud way in public which frightened the poor boy. Immediately, I saw his space shrank with fear of disapproval.

Dear parents, the first thing that we need to know is that the adult’s space is a conditioned, corrupted space filled with inner violence, insensitivity, impatience and inauthenticity. When we are not spiritually aware of the space of a child, we constantly pull our child out of their beautiful space. This fundamentally shuts down the space of endless possibilities for a child. Don’t make that terrible mistake of spoiling your child’s space.

Our role as parents is to love our children unconditionally, give them a sense of confidence to explore life and allow them to deepen the innocence in their space. We are here to enjoy their presence and support them in their life purpose and possibilities.

Here are the 7 practical tips I’ve learned which can help you hold a powerful space for your child:

  • Pure Listening. Whenever we listen authentically without judgments and thinking, we are back in the space of a child. Listen to what your child is trying to tell you instead of you trying to tell him/her what to do based on your conditioned mind. Communication happens only when we listen to what the other party has to impart, not otherwise. The power of listening can help you speak into the listening of your child.
  • Have tremendous patience. Dealing with yourself and people requires tremendous patience, even more so when you are relating with a child. Unfortunately, our parents and society never taught us how to be patient with children. This is something we have to learn as part of many life lessons. The more you are able to get into the space of a child, the more patience you will develop in handling your child.
  • Work on your inner violence. Whenever we are not able to accept and complete with certain aspect of our self, we decide to go against life and develop certain self-hatred and self-denial pattern with anger and violence. Any small incident in the outer world can just trigger that same violence to the people around us. Parents need to identify the root pattern of violence and complete with the past incidents which created this pattern. From my own experience, I found that my inner violence got developed from the relationship with my mother. Once I completed with the past, this pattern just lost power over me.
  • Bring Sensitivity. Our child is here to raise us, so understand that we need to evolve our space so that we can get into their space. Ability to be sensitive to their space will allow them to express their innate wisdom and possibilities. Only parents with great sensitivity will be able to hold a pure space in nurturing this infinite wisdom in their child.
  • Live with integrity. Start honouring the words you give to yourself and others especially your child. This will reduce the amount of inner chatters which helps in your listening too. Living with integrity also means living the bio-memory of your life purpose. Children will catch the fragance of your integrity when you live such a spiritual quality.
  • Become authentic. Have courage to admit your inauthenticity and immediately take steps to get back to authenticity. If we are able to admit our inauthenticity and be ready to take guidance from our children in terms of how to correct ourselves, they will feel complete and fulfilled which help to open up new possibilities in their life.
  • Learn the science of completion and teach your child. The Science of completion is such a beautiful and powerful knowledge that was gifted by my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This science has the ability to completely shift your space and bring completion not just within you but also with the people around you. You can learn this science and start living it by teaching your child. When both of you reach a space of completion with each other, you experience a deep communion with your child which is the most wonderful luxury that any parent can ever dream of.

To sum up, as parents, we need to evolve ourselves and our space with the right knowledge and spiritual practices so that we can hold a powerful space of possibilities for our child. Namaste 😀