Do you suffer from a constant restlessness or a dissatisfied feeling?

Before I had my spiritual awakening, I used to carry this constant restlessness and irritability in my inner space. All the things I tried to do in the outer world could only provide a temporary relief then I was back to the same old mood of restlessness. When I looked back, that phase of my life felt like a living hell. It is like you have everything in the outer world but in the inner world, there is no inner peace or “ease-ness” within you.

It was only when I met my master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) that the mystery of life started to unfold itself within me. I realised that all this while, my inner light was being covered by a veil of incompletions which prevented me from remembering my original state of being and the purpose of my existence. In addition, I was loaded with self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial patterns from the incompletions, literally I was a lost soul in the ocean of illusions and delusions. When Swamiji gave me the sword of knowledge, I finally was able to find my way back to my original state of Being i.e. non-duality (Advaita).

What is the meaning of “Being’? Being means being complete, total, integrated and expressing our full energy. If we are partial in our expression, be very clear we are being hypocritical. When we don’t live life intensely with a conscious vision, the effect we experience is restlessness. If your consciousness is constantly moving towards the outer world, it is called restlessness. If it is moving towards the inner world, it is called intensity. According to Swamiji, the opposite extreme of intensity is restlessness. Whenever we feel a terrible restlessness towards the outer world, the thought of “I have not done this, I have not done that’ and so on, that same restlessness when directed to the inner world is called intensity.

From my own experience, I realised that it was my ignorance and inauthenticity that made me skive off from life into a cosy corner of gradual self-destruction. The first thing which needs to happen is not satisfaction but the turning of direction i.e. the psychological revolution of shifting of restlessness to intensity. So the key is whatever dissatisfaction we may experience which is currently being directed towards the outer world, has to turn towards the inner world, only then it will lead us to satisfaction. Intensity is like a desperate feeling that something has to be done immediately in order to break free from the clutches or to break fee in the inner world. This is the alchemy of a living master.

Fundamentally, intensity should be a quality we express in anything we do, whether we touch something or somebody, let intensity be there in that touch. If we are talking, be intense. In all our relationships, thinking, desires, fears, just be intense without escaping from this moment. In short, intensity means intensely being inside YOU, radiating the energy that does not create any conflict inside and outside.

How can we live life with intensity? Catch it!

  • Intensity means integration. When your whole energy is integrated and moves in one direction as a whole, you can move easily. Only when you are intense and ready to flow, you will achieve the goal or whatever reality you want to cause in life. Intensity does not depend on the nature of the work or action, it is not the ‘what’ that is important, but the ‘how’ that is important. If you can do what you are doing with totality and intensity such that you are completely lost in the action, you have caught the thread of intensity. The power of intensity is such that it can change our very body and DNA.
  • Intensity means focus. One common thing that happens is that we may be flowing but may have lost the intensity. This is the case with people who have no focus and waste their energies getting distracted by anything that comes their way. When you take up something, follow through with full intensity. However, it does not mean that we have to act rigidly without the scope for updating and change. Only when we are open to change, we can make our way like the river flowing intensely towards the ocean.
  • Intensity means sincerity. The father of Yoga, Patanjali, who compiled the Yoga Sutras, says that ‘Success is nearest to those whose efforts are intense and sincere.’ We just need to plan in the best way to the best of our ability and then just leave the outcome in the hands of Existence. Sometimes, things may seem that all our plans are being completely derailed, don’t be frustrated at that point. We will see that something much more beautiful than what we had planned will come to life. When we become sincere, those words the master utters will straight away enter only into us who are seeking intensely with open being for the initiation. We carry those words with him and sit inside our inner space. Just like an oyster waiting for rain water to make the pearl, we are waiting for the words of the master to enter our being intensely burning for the Truth, the pearl of enlightenment happens.
  • Intensity means enlightenment. Only with intensity, the truth can click within you and you just catch the flame of intensity and the awakening happens. Swamiji once said that “Only when the urge becomes urgent, when the question becomes a quest, does the Ultimate happen. The key factor needed for enlightenment to happen is intensity.” When your whole being is burning with the single intense desire to realise the Ultimate, you will simply absorb the master’s instructions. The magic of transformation is bound to happen. Only then will you be open to receive him, till then it is just an interest.

Since 2 months ago, Swamiji had put many of his disciples and devotees through an intense process of Advaita (non-duality) by forming a teamily (team + family), in addition to working for the mission through the Science of Enriching projects. I can feel the heat of intensity burning my inauthenticity and my being blossoming, expanding and expressing itself in different dimensions. Intuitively, I feel that intensity was what I escaped in my past births, now I am back again to pick up where I left off and live this truth.

In essence, to experience the juice of life and the Ultimate, intensity should form the undercurrent in the way we exist. The more we are able to be lost in the action, we become like a flute on the lips of Existence itself. The air that goes into the flute comes out as divine melody because we become a channel for the energy of Existence to flow through us. Namaste 😀