Science of Breathing (part i) – Breath is Life

Breathing is synonymous with life itself – this is the first thing we do at birth and the last thing we do when we exit this body. Breathing is important to sustain life. Yet, this natural process is often compromised by our environmental conditions, past conditioning or traumatic experiences.

From the Human Developmental Patterns developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, it states that the breathing pattern is the template for all other movement patterns and states of consciousness, any distortion at this level of the human being affects all other physical, physiological and psychological processes. Many modern scientists are now discovering what the yogis have known for thousands of years – i.e. yoga movement and breathing techniques increase our lung capacity and efficiency.  After having worked on breathing for more than 10 years, I absolutely concur with this truth. For these reasons, the breathing pattern is the first thing I work on with my students because fundamentally breathing connects them to the most basic life process and therefore with themselves.

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Which spectrum do you make decisions?

Do you know that we are the one who attracts pain and suffering including accidents into our lives? This may be a shocking statement to digest logically but this is the truth! You see, from our thoughts out of which the consciousness we express, we attract the types of people, situations and experiences into our subjective world. If you understand we are nothing but energy, you can slowly digest this. The frequency which our thoughts, words and actions are expressed, we create a chain effect – the cause & the effect. This is called the karmic cycle. Fundamentally, everything in life is a choice we make. When we have forgotten that we are the one choosing, we start blaming others.

So a key question is – how do we make decisions in life?

In the Vedic tradition, there are 7G in the spectrum of frequency where we take decisions or actions in life. In the different spectrum of our consciousness, the things we attract will be different.

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