Do you know that we are the one who attracts pain and suffering including accidents into our lives? This may be a shocking statement to digest logically but this is the truth! You see, from our thoughts out of which the consciousness we express, we attract the types of people, situations and experiences into our subjective world. If you understand we are nothing but energy, you can slowly digest this. The frequency which our thoughts, words and actions are expressed, we create a chain effect – the cause & the effect. This is called the karmic cycle. Fundamentally, everything in life is a choice we make. When we have forgotten that we are the one choosing, we start blaming others.

So a key question is – how do we make decisions in life?

In the Vedic tradition, there are 7G in the spectrum of frequency where we take decisions or actions in life. In the different spectrum of our consciousness, the things we attract will be different.

  • 1G (Ignorance) – All movements are made of simple ignorance. One doesn’t even know why he or she moves. That’s the lowest level consciousness and people like coolies or rowdies who go and kill people for money. Why they do that? Even they don’t have an idea, these people will be in prison and they won’t even enjoy the money.
  • 2G (Anger) – The mental setup is violence-based where people work out of anger, just no reason. For e.g. even if they loose something they don’t care. The other person should not have it. Even if there is no gain, they will see to it that the enemy is destroyed, that is the 2G mentality.
  • 3G (Fear) – The mental setup is fear-based. All the actions are just to protect themselves.
  • 4G (Greed) – Here the greed drives the decisions. All the actions are driven for one’s expansion.
  • 5G (Intuition/Creativity/Joy) – Based on intuition/creativity/joy, actions are made on the good for one and all around that person.
  • 6G (Life Purpose) – Work for the Prarabdha, the desires for which the body was taken to exhaust them. People who realised their life purpose and are working on fulfilling their life mission.
  • 7G (Beyond) – Actions without engrams or patterns but coming from the pure space, these are the actions of an enlightened being; which neither binds him or touches him.

Here is the essence – when your spectrum is low, your actions also will be based on violence, your reactions will only be suffering. However, when your spectrum is high, your actions will be based on highly evolved consciousness, then your reactions will not be suffering.

Another important secret that you should know – if you are having violence and suffering, just remember to avoid taking any action. Whenever you move, your body with any mood, that mood becomes your bio-memory. If any memory moves your body, it becomes your bio-memory and you strengthen it. This is the time to get back to your presence by being in silence.

Raising your spectrum or frequency means constantly being aware, being in your presence.  I notice that whenever I fall out of my presence, I invariably invite sufferings to myself. All these hard knocks from life is Existence’s way of telling me that I am yet complete, I must continue to work on my self.

Here is a simple exercise you can do to take account of your actions. Honestly look within yourself, from which spectrum many of your daily actions are taken? Every day, the moment you wake up till bed time, note down all your actions and mark every action from which spectrum your actions happen. You will begin to see certain mental patterns that you are living with. This exercise will help you see whether you are growing spiritually or not.

Ultimately, all of us are here to raise ourselves to the highest coherence, a level that we are not touched by karma. When you decide from higher spectrum, you will discover that the higher energies will be opened up to you. When your conscious spectrum elevates, your actions and reactions become more sensitive which leads to a more and more evolved spiritual consciousness that does not bring suffering.