Let your child discover the gender identity

Last weekend, I attended a mind-blowing 2-day workshop conducted by His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) on the topic ‘Cosmic Union through Tantra’.

There were so much clicks I received but one of the biggest clicks was realizing the first sexual abuse we receive below 7 years of age is always ideological, not physical. See, when a child is below 7 years old, he or she experiences himself or herself as a complete being with a genderless pure space. A complete being is always so much in love with the nature and he or she will never be abusive to the nature.

Unfortunately, the unconscious society starts to label us as male or female which is the first abuse done to our sexual identity. The idea of male or female comes from the mediocrity of the society because they do not encourage us to explore, seek and identify our gender instead they push their opinions of male or female forcibly making us align to their idea is the worst and first sexual abuse we go through. They are not able to be creative and seeking the higher truth, they impose such a retarded idea into our consciousness. In Vedic tradition, there are 11 genders not just the 2 genders commonly known. When we don’t have enough energy and courage to be a seeker and recognize ourselves on our own independent intelligence, we tolerate the label of male or female put by others on us. In short, the first sexual abuse done to us is always ideological, not physical.
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Listening is the key to heal relationships

How to complete a frustrated and angry teenager with her mother?
How to heal their relationship?

That was exactly what I did last week for a lovely mother and her teenage daughter when the mother sincerely requested me to help them complete with each other and heal their past hangovers. Through this experience, I discovered quite often parents and their children became incomplete with each other when there was a lack of listening and poor communication.

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Courage to give my child a golden childhood

3 years old boy smelling flower in autumnal scenery

What is a golden childhood?

Golden childhood is a matured being in a child’s body. When a matured being lives in a child’s body, that is a golden childhood. He or she will be as innocent as kids, as enlightened as more than any adult!” ~ A living Avatar, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji)

Swamiji further explains that a childhood becomes a golden childhood when it is full of powerful moments, no powerlessness in any moment in life. Unfortunately, the children today live mostly with fear, greed and stress without the maturity to handle their lives. An important expression of a golden childhood is about having the maturity to take responsibility for others even though they are still in a child’s body. This means a matured being in a child’s body, living a joyful childhood – that is the best life for a child.

As a conscious mother, I already knew my son, Kai was a matured soul who had come down to take the human civilization to the next level. Hence, I started to create a spiritual vatavarana (ambience) around him when he was merely 3 years old – the same year after I first met Swamiji. I was so engrossed by the happening of Swamiji’s incarnation that I devoured his teaching from all the books he had written from his various discourses. This helped to quench my thirst for spiritual knowledge. Every night before sleep, I would share with Kai all the amazing miraculous stories about Swamiji and the enlightened masters that I read. Naturally all these stories piqued his curiosity and soon he started to develop an enthusiasm about the inspirational life of enlightened masters. As a Yoga teacher, I also prepared his body when he was 4 years old through Yoga and meditation. He would share with me his extraordinary spiritual experiences after a yoga practice. There is a saying in Vedic tradition that the mother is a child’s first Guru, I didn’t know anything about a golden childhood but I only knew I was responsible for guiding him to his spiritual awakening.

Finally, in 2009, Kai met Swamiji for the first time in a one-day program called Kalpataru (wish-fulfilling tree) when Swamiji visited Singapore. It was such a touching sweet moment for me to witness the meeting of these 2 extraordinary souls. When Kai and I walked up to the stage where Swamiji was sitting on a throne for the energy darshan (initiation by sight), Kai just dived straight into Swamiji’s chest and hugged him so tightly. Kai waited for so long to meet Swamiji again in this life time.

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