From self love to universal love

On this Wednesday, I started a new samyama (a yogic technology to express extraordinary powers and experiences through the body) on LOVE, which was taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutra (No. 130 Chapter 3 and verse 24). This samyama had given me deeper insights about love, self-love and universal love which really inspired me.

So what is love?

Love is a flower that blossoms within our being and sends out a sweet fragrance that we share it with others. Love is the most beautiful thing a human being is capable of feeling. Love is an energy that radiates happiness in all people as it brings many positive feelings such as compassion, forgiveness, fearlessness, gratitude, unity, courage and freedom. Love is the energy that is responsible for the sparkles in your eyes, the glow on your skin and the constant excitement and freedom you experience in life.

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Nourish Your Body with Sattvic Food

The ancient seers, masters and yogis understood that Prakrithi, the cosmic substance, is consist of three constituents or forces called Gunas. Each guna is a derived aspect of existence and yet is never separate from the origin itself. A guna remains distinct in its characteristics and functions accordingly. Every human being, regardless of race, religion or caste, has the 3 gunas. These three gunas are: rajas, tamas, and sattvas.

Sattva guna is of illumining character. It has the quality of equilibrium and manifests as light. Rajas guna has the quality of activity, excitement and manifests as the nature of movement. The nature of Tamas guna is inertia or darkness and has a restraining quality.

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Build a Strong Stomach for Enlightenment


Two weeks ago, one of my students shared with me that she had two bouts of food poisoning within a month while she was on business trip. She suffered chronic pain in the abdomen and was beginning to worry that something could be seriously wrong with her digestive system. In fact, she was known to have an iron gut, but this episode really created doubt in her health. While chatting with her, an idea to design a yoga module which focuses on building a strong digestive system came into my inner space. Within a few days, everything fell in place beautifully in terms of researching for the content for purification and strengthening of the digestive system. The first lesson happened last Tuesday which went very well.

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