Do you know that you can download anything using an awakened third eye initiated by an enlightened Guru?

See, the Third Eye is a natural superpower available to every human being. Beyond the two eyes, we have a third possibility, with which we can perceive the whole Cosmos. Third Eye is located at the point between your eyebrows and nose. It is known as an intra-organ – the intra organs are like a bridge between consciousness and internal organs.

In Sanskrit, the Third Eye chakra is called ‘Ajna.’ The word ‘Ajna’ has two meanings – ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Will’. This is because the Third Eye is the seat of the Will. When your Third Eye is activated, your ‘Aham’ (your individual will) becomes Sadāshivoham (the Cosmic Will). This possibility is awakened by deeksha, initiation by an enlightened master. Many of the disciples of HDH Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam, fondly known as Swamiji, are initiated into Third Eye awakening since 2015. Through this initiation, He makes one’s Third Eye into Sadāshiva’s Third Eye.

You should also know that Third Eye is also called the browsing center because it is the door to the Cosmos where you can literally download and upload anything with the Cosmos. Third Eye has a capacity to make anything you want as reality – this is the power of Third Eye.

From Shastra Pramana, the original scripture from Paramashiva, Srimat Kamika Agama, Purva Pada, verse 1-4

icha jñānā kriyāśakti traya netrayutam smaret |

candraḥ sarvajñātārūpaḥ daśahatāḥ diśo daśa ||

Translation – His three eyes are to be remembered as symbolizing the three powers – Iccha, Jnana, Kriya, the power of Will, the power of Pure Wisdom, the power of Cosmic Action; the moon crescent denotes Sarvajnāta, His power of all-knowing.

The Third Eye is blocked by our decision to be comfortable, cozy with arrogance and ego. Ego means an inadequate cognition of ourselves whereas arrogance means holding on to the limited identity even though you know that something bigger is available. Ego and identity are very closely related to each other.

In the last six years after Swamiji’s initiation, many of us had experienced this power of downloading in our work. I am going to share three Sakshi Pramanas (individual experiences) of power of downloading.

In 2017, I was given a vision to start a Kids Yoga program but I didn’t know how to go about making it happen. When I asked Swamiji in my inner space, the message came to me that I should sit with the Adi-Yogi, Paramashiva. So, one day after my morning yoga, I sat with Paramashiva and He clearly revealed the fundamentals of Parents Kids Home Yoga program! Everything was put together by end 2017 and the program was launched. That was my very first experience of downloading from Cosmos, since then many of my Yoga modules and spiritual solutions for my clients were downloaded through Third Eye.

By December 2017, I was again thrown into another new challenge – to develop a Kids Yoga Teachers Training program. My initial reaction was full of resistance because all that I saw was difficulties and my own limitations. I even poo pooed this possibility because this happened at a time when I was going through a melt-down in my marriage. By early 2019 after settling my personal life, I was finally ready to revisit this project. So, I cleared my inner space to allow creation to happen by sitting with my Self. The Third Eye revealed the answers to my doubts, one-by-one solutions were revealed to me and the entire curriculum was pieced together within 6 months. In July 2019, I finally trained the first batch of Kids Yoga Teachers by the guidance Sadashiva’s Third Eye. From my experience, one tip I would give to anyone who is interested to explore this power – You are all knowing, all powerful being, just drop the mediocre human mind and start playing with innocence and curiosity of a child.

The second Sakshi Pramana was by Ma Shankari on how she found the key to download the truth! In the past she used to be a very skeptical person as she was not sure how to get the truth since there were many fake news or distortions in the media out there.

After Swamiji’s initiation, she discovered the connection with the Cosmos, which is commonly called as “Space“. Space is the most subtle of the 5 elements that cannot be expressed exactly by human language – only by experience.

This exploration helped her to re-learn all that she learned and get back her passion in learning everything! The key is INNOCENCE. Knowledge is boring if we just read it word by word. Truth is always interesting because it is alive. We use to learn everything by our little human logic – we process what we perceive by our past experience. Somehow, we don’t fully witness the whole happening then we jump into the conclusion: I knew. In fact, the truth is always NOT exactly and may even be totally opposite to what we knew, but we always miss it just because we think we already knew it. If we can drop this logical mind, we can jump into the space of innocence spontaneously. We can simply discover something new in that space. In the space of innocence, we even can get all the knowledge stored in the Cosmic Archive. This is how she downloaded the Science of LIGHT. Her advice to all is there is no secret of Truth when you get the password to log in to the space of innocence.

The third Sakshi Pramana came from Ma Paramashantini about her journey to unravel the secrets of SOUNDS Healing from the Cosmos. From her own experience, she found three important attributes we should have:

An innocent space
Thoughts without “I” identity (thoughts without self)
Absolute trust and surrender to the Cosmos

With these three qualities, you can easily fall in oneness with the Cosmos, and you can read all the information there. In the beginning, the Cosmos would give her some simple instructions to do. Naturally, there was a lot of doubts, distrust and fear. When she completed her blind spots and got out of her comfort zone, the universe would show her the different ways to manifest SOUNDs Healing by visualization, voice or frequency from her inner space.

All these experiences are really hard to express by words. There is no formula to tell us how to download, but as long as we enter into the innocent space, the knowledge can be downloaded naturally. This is how she downloaded SOUNDs Healing. She hereby gave an important key to seekers – let go of the little human mind so that you can connect to the Cosmos directly.

In essence, once you are initiated into Third Eye awakening, you can start discovering your third possibility beyond the two eyes by dropping the human ego and establish yourself in the space of innocence, curiosity and spontaneity. Namaste 😀