Do you enjoy the power of holding wealth or the joy of spending and circulating it?

I tell you frankly, wealth is such an awareness game! Shifting from hoarding wealth to circulating wealth is one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned about the secrets of wealth creation from Vedic tradition. Essentially, there are two types of attitude towards wealth: 1) Kubera and 2) Lakshmi. Kubera is the deity who is famous for hoarding wealth, all his life he collects and collects; and never thinks of spending the wealth. Like many of us, he carries a kind of neurotic obsession with hoarding inordinate amount of wealth that he is never ever going to spend it. Kubera is the one who enjoys the subtle power that holding wealth can bring, but in the end he neither enjoys the wealth nor allow others to enjoy it. Singapore has been known as the land of Kubera, this is the way I was taught by society – to hoard my wealth due to my insecurity.

Devi Lakshmi, on the other hand, represents wealth that is flowing, circulating, current. She uses wealth to enrich herself and the world so that it becomes currency – flowing with life. Lakshmi creates wealth effortlessly based on her enriching space and she uses wealth generously without attachment and distributes it unconditionally. Another divine power of Lakshmi is she has the ability to breathe life into wealth i.e., meaning making wealth as a living energy, at the same time she can breathe wealth into life i.e., showering of abundance in one’s life.

How did I make this fundamental cognitive shift from Kubera wealth to Lakshmi wealth? Here are the secrets of attracting wealth and abundance.

The most important first step is to remove all fears related to money and wealth because fears of wealth are the main incompletion which stops us from manifesting and attracting wealth and abundance in our lives. Dropping the fears and insecurity about wealth was the very first lesson I learned from my Guru, HDH Bhagawan Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji). In an enlightened wealth program, He made me identify all my fears about wealth and complete with them. This step is a powerful process which removes all kinds of self-contradicting, conflicting, complicating desires. For example, I want to attract wealth but I don’t like rich people because of my experience of very selfish rich people in childhood. This completion process also helped me to heal all the past wounds in my life because of money. For example, when I was young at age of 5 or 6, I witnessed my parents fought violently over lack of money, it caused so much sadness and insecurity in me from that moment whenever I thought about money. All these past hangovers about money had to be completed so that a new space can be manifested for creation of wealth.

The second step is about imbibing the powerful cognitions from enlightened consciousness. One great source is from Ishavasya Upanishad Verse #1, it says: ‘By the Consciousness, enveloped must this all be, whatever moving thing there is in the moving world. With this renounced, you may enjoy. Covet not the wealth of anyone at all’

It means enjoy by not possessing but owning it. The wise man who owns, manifests wealth. The ignorant man who possesses, suffers with stress and depression. When you own wealth without being possessive, you not only make people enjoy, but you also start manifesting more and more wealth. With non-possessiveness, you will not suffer when wealth is forcibly taken away from you. You know money is just a matter, you are the source of life. You can simply recreate the wealth again because matter follows life!

Another powerful cognition that is responsible for making me shift to Lakshmi wealth is when Swamiji said our ability to be intelligently active is wealth. He insisted that we should be intelligently active and constantly contributing. By being active, we will naturally increase the number of waking hours, therefore we will find out the solutions to all our problems. Creation of wealth means high enthusiasm in activism. Swamiji gave one powerful technique to re-program one’s muscle memory and bio memory in attracting wealth. He said if you can radiate enthusiasm in any line of business for at least 11 hours a day for the next 21 days, not only the wealth but also the very attitude towards wealth and attitude towards life, both will take a quantum leap. I can attest to this powerful technique! I’ve seen whenever I create a new program, it is my enthusiasm in actively contributing to others’ life makes wealth manifest effortlessly.

From these powerful cognitions, Swamiji gave the strategy for wealth – your ability to intelligently enrich the society in some form and inspiring humanity to contribute back to you so that you can continue to enrich is wealth. He said the possibility you carry from the space of completion is your Lakshmi (wealth). The decision not to have incompletions, anything and everything you carry is your Saraswathi (knowledge). Making it happen is your Durga (Shakti). That is all is life!

In a nutshell, the transformation from Kubera to manifesting Lakshmi in one’s life is living enlightenment. Namaste 😀