Are you aware that the planet earth is undergoing a massive dissolution and rejuvenation itself?

Do you know there is a spiritual context in the chaos we are experiencing now?

The Covid19 pandemic may have taken less than 1% of human lives of the world population but it has fundamentally changed our livelihood and lifestyle – the way we travel, dine, work, relax on vacation, learn and entertain – everything is affected.  The question is – Are you prepared to handle the uncertainties and embrace the so-called ‘new normal’? Whenever people are imbalanced by mental breakdown due to pandemic fatigue and delusional arrogance, they fall into the danger zone of suicide. There are two types of suicide: – 1) inflicting death; and 2) inflicting destruction which is worse than death. With delusional arrogance, liberation of the soul becomes impossible for many births!  

I had the fortune of being protected and guided by a living incarnation, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam (fondly known as Swamiji) since 2012 where he prepared many of his disciples and devotees with his conscious ship so that we can sail through this Cosmic resetting. It is in this article that I am going to share some of the important spiritual solutions for the mass so that more beings can be helped from the current situation.

First truth – Covid19 pandemic was sent to humanity as a teaching not a destruction. Mother Nature (Prakriti) is sending us a big message: “You are not necessary. The air, the earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests, not my masters.

We can see humanity had gone too far in hurting nature by our unconscious living and the planet earth is unable to handle our deluded unconscious way we are exploiting nature. The time has come for Cosmic Existence to assert its presence and align human beings to the natural way of existence in a non-violent way. This Covid19 has taught humanity the depth of life is far more important than the currency and external resources we accumulate.

Second truth, in Vedic tradition, there is a phenomenon called ‘Pralaya’ in Sanskrit which essentially describes the destruction of Universe that took place in the past and will take place again in future. As explained in the Śivapurāṇa 2.1.6: Mahāpralaya (महाप्रलय) refers to the “great dissolution”, the total annihilation of the universe at the end of the life of Brahman, when all the lokas (planes) with their inhabitants, the gods and saints including Brahman himself are annihilated; महाप्रलयमारुत (mahāpralayamāruta) – Ve.3.4.

The Vedic calendar is calculated as follow:

1 Year = 360 days (as per Hindu Calendar)

1 Yuga = 1 Lakh years (100, 000 years)

There are 4 Yuga: Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kali (each one having 100,000 years)

4 Yugas = 1 Dev-Yuga (which is equivalent to 4 * 100,000 = 400,000 years)

71 Dev-Yuga = 1 manvantar (that is, 28,400,000 years)

28 Manvantar = 1 day of Bramha (which is, 795,200,000 years)

100 years of Bramha = (360 * 100 * 795200000 = 28,627,200,000,000 years)

After every completion of 100 years cycle of Bramha, Maha Pralaya takes place.

According to Swamiji, the good news is this time it is not Samhara Pralaya (destructive pralaya), but it is Punahsthapita pralaya – the rejuvenating pralaya for a great superconscious breakthrough to happen on planet earth. The period of pralaya had started since 21st June 2020 on solar eclipse and will end on the next solar eclipse on 14th Dec 2020. During this 6- month window, how you prepare yourself will determine if you are going to survive the period of Covid19 pandemic fatigue and the chaos caused by delusion.

Swamiji, as a living incarnation whose advent on planet earth is to prepare humanity for a conscious breakthrough and revival of an enlightened civilization called Kailasa, has been giving out spiritual guidance to the work and protecting his followers.

For those of you who are completely new to Swamiji, I would like to share with you the spiritual solutions which I imbibed that will help prepare you to enjoy the new world order.

  • Stay home (Stay Aham): Whenever possible, stay at home during this period as Covid19 has yet to reach its peak, keep you and your family safe at home. The words STAY AHAM also means stay inside you in an unclutched state.
  • Avoid making major decisions: During this period of delusion and chaos, it is best not to make major decisions – related to marriage, divorce, pregnancy, business, investment and career etc. Postpone all decisions after 14th Dec 2020 for the entire pralaya to settle down.
  • Get back to vegetarian diet: The entire meat industry is melting down as planet earth is no longer able to sustain meat-eating diet. Get back to healthy vegetarian, grain-based diet.
  • Detoxify your body with liquid diet: Try Nirahara Samyama ( and cleanse the entire body. Swamiji said the body eating itself will heal so many diseases related to food patterns. Living on liquid diet will not only keep your body healthy but also you start radiating in superconscious energy.
  • Grow your own vegetables and fruits: During this period of pralaya, nature is going to be disturbed with massive rain or drought in many countries, food supply will become an issue due to famine or poor crops harvest. If you can grow your own vegetables in your little backyard, that would be a wise move.   
  • Build your body through Yoga: Start your day daily with a morning Yoga routine during Brahma Muhurta time (4 – 6 am) where your body is prime for repairing your biological clock and tune yourself to dharma. You can explore 108 Prathama Vinyasa Krama by Nithyananda Yoga ( or send me a request for a tailored Yoga practice due to certain health condition.
  • Have an organized morning spiritual routine: Besides morning Yoga practice, Swamiji prescribed a very organized routine comprising – morning cleansing rituals called pancha kriyas such as clean eyes with salt water in an eye cup, cleanse the nasal cavities with Jala Neti, empty the bowel with enama kit, drink neem juice every morning to purify your digestive system, take Haritaki powder (a Ayurveda herb) every night before sleep for purification and energizing your blood, offer daily puja to Guru, watch daily satsang (discourse) to entangle with the conscious energy. By the time we finish the entire routine, our body-mind system will be filled with so much conscious energy to run the entire day in restful awareness and energy!
  • Complete with your past hangovers: The past sitting in the present moment and disturbing your future is incompletion. Do not allow your past incompletion to destroy your bright future. Learn the science of completion (Poornatva) and start completing your incompletions from the past incidents. This will not only heal so much pain and suffering you carry but it also frees up more inner space for creation when you are established in the space of complete completion.      
  • Learn how to unclutch deeply: The greatest gift by Swamiji to humanity is the powerful technique of unclutching. Unclutching can lead you to experience Nirvikalpa Samadhi (enlightenment). Here is the entire archive of materials on unclutching where you can discover this powerful technique ( Every day 24/7 there are continuous a group unclutching session being conducted by various centres around the world. You can join in different slots wherever you are via ZOOM.
  • Bring activism in your life: This is the time to get out of our comfort zone where we hide in so that we can remain lazy and not take actions. One enlightened master from Jain tradition, Mahavira was asked – “Who is the one who has worries?” He said “The person who is worried.” The disciple asked again “What is the cause of worry?”. He replied “Laziness”. The disciple asked again “Who ends worries?”. He replied “By dropping laziness”. If you drop laziness, you fall into the right actions and worry simply leaves you. Bring activism as part of your lifestyle where you just do the work without being bothered by the result. From Bhagavad Gita.4.14 where Lord Krishna said: I am not affected by any work; do I long for the outcome of such work. One who understands this truth about me also does not get caught in the bondage of work.”
  • Keep listening to powerful cognition: The way to rewire our mental grooves and awaken non-mechanical parts of our brain is to keep listening to more and more higher truths from the enlightened consciousness. Swamiji, on a daily basis, delivers many powerful cognitions to humanity, all you need to do is check out the YouTube Channel under ‘Kailasa’s Nithyananda’ for all his past satsangs.
  • Continuous silent chanting of Mahavakya: A Mahavakya is a great saying which Swamiji initiates all his devotees and disciples into this powerful mantra “Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham”. It is literally the sacred password to connect with him. Constantly do ajapajajapa (silent chanting circulating on the throat center) of this Mahavakya, the vibration of the mantra connects you directly to the Source.
  • Create enlightened ecosystem around you: If you can find an existing enlightened ecosystem near where you live, become part of the sangha (spiritual community). If not, create an enlightened ecosystem where you live and start building a spiritual community where you enrich others and live enlightenment.
  • Deep feeling connection with Guru: The entire Sanatana Hindu Dharma is based on Guru-Shishya parampara (lineage of Guru & disciples). Having a living enlightened Guru leads one back to the Source. For enlightenment purpose, a living Guru (a lit lamp) is required for the transmission to another lamp to happen. That is the reason why even masters who had left their body guide their disciples to a living master. Once you have found a living enlightened master, ask for Guru Bhakti (devotion to Guru) which is a gift from Guru that bring deep feeling connection with the Guru. This deep feeling connection, in turns, will lead you back to Atma Bhakti (devotion to Self). This is the complete cycle of self-realization because Guru, God (Ishwara) and Self are one and the same.  
  • Establish in absolute Oneness of Nirvikalpa Samadhi: When the feeling connection is built on devotion and gratitude, the oneness feeling with Guru starts to happen. You will become Paramashiva (Source).  I highly recommend you attend this 16-day program called Paramashivoham Level 2 ( which is conducted by ordained acharyas of Swamiji and you will receive daily initiation by him to start the journey of absolute ONENESS with Paramashiva!

Now, I’ve given a very comprehensive list of life solutions which can prepare you and your family to ride on the waves of Pralaya and sail through the rough seas in a conscious ship called Kailasa built by Swamiji. Namaste 😀